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Carroll School of Management

Steve Holliday

Chief Executive Officer, National Grid

“Stronger and Smarter Energy Networks: Building Resiliency, Driving Growth, and Advancing Sustainability in a Rapidly Changing World” 

Speaking to the October 24 Chief Executives’ Club of Boston, National Grid Chief Executive Officer Steve Holliday described how the utility is confronting major forces in the global energy challenge: aging infrastructure, dramatic changes in the availability and sources of energy supplies, extreme weather, and an aging workforce and skills gap. John F. Fish, chairman and chief executive officer of Suffolk Construction, introduced Holliday.


“We have a significant challenge ... How can we deliver cleaner energy in the future, ensure it’s reliable, and at the same time, afford it?” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“2012 … was supposed to be the first year ever where the amount of investment that went into clean energy was greater globally than the amount of investment that went into fossil fuels … and it didn’t happen.”

“We were caught off guard with Hurricane Irene because ... our planning for storms was [about looking] backwards [in order to be] better prepared for the future. And of course, looking backwards isn’t enough. The planning didn’t take account of the huge logistical challenges that now come from some of these storms.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“We are trying to engage customers and stakeholders in [conversations] about the utility of the future. And when I talk about that, I think about four characteristics. And the first of those is encouraging customers to use significantly less energy. It’s an unusual business model.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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