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Carroll School of Management

Peter Voser

Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell

“Getting the Future Energy Mix Right: How the American Shale Revolution Is Changing the World”

Peter Voser, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch Shell, discussed the resurgence of natural gas as a United States energy source at the March 21 Chief Executives’ Club of Boston. He touted the clean-burning properties of natural gas, while acknowledging environmentalists’ concerns about hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the drilling technique used to remove natural gas from shale rock. Eric Slifka, president and chief executive officer of Global Partners LP, introduced Voser.


“Our global energy system is so big, our energy consumption is on a scale so massive, and demand is growing so quickly, that we will need to aggressively pursue all sources of energy for decades to come just to keep up.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“In North America, the energy outlook is much different from what it was just a few years ago as a result of the American shale revolution … There is talk of the United States becoming self-sufficient in energy by 2030.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“Our industry needs to work with governments … strong regulations and tough enforcements are needed to ensure all operators drill shale gas or shale wells properly and protect groundwater and the environment.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“The world needs to follow Americans’ lead and take full advantage of the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and that’s natural gas … Increased use of natural gas is the biggest single step the world can take today to begin reducing [carbon dioxide] emissions.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

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