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Carroll School of Management

John Stratton

President, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Excerpt from remarks to Boston College’s Chief Executives’ Club of Boston 

October 24, 2012

TAKEAWAY: New bridging technology

There’s something called immersive video conferencing. And so you may have heard of things like Cisco makes a product called TelePresence, and there are companies like Tandberg and Polycom that make these really terrific video conferencing capabilities. When you’re on a video conference with those technologies, it’s like you’re in the same room. I hold meetings with people all around the world and it is literally like they’re right across the table from me.

But the problem with that technology is it’s fixed, it stays in one place all the time. And this has been a challenge. If I want to have a TelePresence conversation with a colleague maybe in another company, maybe I want to have a call with Joe over at TelePresence, there’s no real good way for me to do that. These are what are called closed networks. And so I can speak to Verizon people, but it's challenging if you're going across the lines and speaking to others.

Well we’ve just created a service this year which is unbelievable, which is an innovation around enabling any of these proprietary closed communications networks to be able to use across this bridging technology that we’ve created called Open Video. But what’s more important is it’s not at the desk, it’s not in these special rooms, it’s right from your iPad. So imagine that, the ability now for any of your people to utilize that service. Extraordinary. So why do I tell you this? Just because it describes what’s coming.