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Carroll School of Management

John Stratton

President, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

“How Communications Technology is Changing
the World”

Speaking at the October 24 Chief Executives’ Club of Boston, John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, described some of the ways Verizon is responding to the “incredible pace of technology.” The company is pursuing opportunities “to change the way businesses run, the way customers shop, and the way everyone lives, works, and plays,” said Stratton, who stood in at the last minute for Verizon chairman and chief executive officer Lowell McAdam. He also said Verizon is committed to continuing to grow in the Boston area. Joseph M. Tucci, chairman and chief executive officer of EMC Corporation, introduced Stratton. 


“What we see is a technology that’s literally changing the way mobile works. The super-fast speeds of LTE [long term evolution technology] make it a game-changer.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“[In our] new business unit called Verizon Enterprise Solutions … we have 500,000 miles of high-speed cables around the world … Because of the nature of that network and its pervasiveness, we can actually see anomalies in network behavior before they’re seen at the local level.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“We’ve just created ... an innovation around enabling any ... proprietary closed communications networks to be [used] across [a] bridging technology.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »

“We ... believe that by applying technologies in partnership with the key players in the health care profession, that we can make meaningful progress in improving patient outcomes and providing, particularly in the area of chronic disease management, continuous care.” TRANSCRIPT AND VIDEO »


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Event Photos
John Stratton, President of Verizon Enterprise Solutions addresses the Chief Executives' Club of Boston.
Seated at the Speakers Table (clockwise, from bottom left): Ted Kelly, Chairman, Liberty Mutual; Carol Meyrowitz, Chief Executive Officer, The TJX Companies; Joseph Tucci, Chairman & CEO, EMC Corp.; John Stratton, President, Verizon Enterprise Solutions; Gary Gottlieb, President & CEO, Partners HealthCare; Sandara Moose, President, Strategic Advisory Services; Jonathan Kraft, President, The Kraft Group; Robert Reynolds, President & CEO, Putnam Investments; Roderick Ireland, Chief Justice, MA Supreme Judicial Court; Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the House, MA House of Representatives; Laura Sen, President, BJ's Wholesale Club.
Another "who's who" is gathered!
Members of the media gather around Mr. Stratton following his remarks.