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Carroll School of Management

Welcome to the Boston College International Business Initiative


The Carroll School of Management has long understood the need for its students to gain an international perspective on management. In order to facilitate this growing need for a deeper understanding of the impacts of working in a global environment, we have dedicated significant curriculum and faculty resources to offering programs to address our students’ development in these disciplines.

International programs and services are offered in the areas of:

  • Executive Education
  • General Company Visit Trips to Asia and Europe
  • High Tech Company Visit to Silicon Valley and the West Coast of the US
  • Study Abroad Experiences
  • Consulting and Business Analysis
  • General Business Planning
  • Project Management
  • Research

We leverage the power of the Boston College campus community and alumni network by bringing together student and faculty representatives from the Carroll School of Management, and the Law School . Alumni and experts in related industries are additionally retained as overseers for specialized analysis or project work, or to assist in setting up company introductions.

Consulting services are provided free-of-charge, unless specifically agreed to as part of the engagement. Boston College graduate students complete work under the direction of faculty and industry practitioners, and to ensure a balanced business perspective, multidimensional student teams are regularly assembled.

Clients usually have the option of receiving their results in a variety of formats, ranging from full-length business plans and consulting reports, to summarized media presentations, and targeted memoranda.

Courses, programs, and directed studies are offered throughout the calendar and academic year, including the summer session. The businesses and individuals working with the BCIBI will retain all intellectual property ownership rights of any work completed by Boston College. Students and faculty are prevented from commercializing or directly profiting from any work they complete for outside companies or individuals.

For Graduate Students: If you'd like to learn more about the different courses and programs offered by the Boston College International Business Initiative, please send us e-mail at: We look forward to having you as participants!