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Carroll School of Management

Developing Business

The Developing Business programs are designed to cultivate new business ideas by bringing the fresh perspective and invigorating energy of our top business school talent in contact with wisdom and experience provided by representatives of the business community. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to guide a team in writing a formal business plan, or an intrapreneur responsible for new product development within an established company, our developing business programs provide services which help make your vision a reality.

Product Development Services


Product Viability

Commercializing innovation requires understanding where the innovation brings value, to whom, and in what form. Student teams can work with you to investigate the viability of new concepts or technologies, identifying potential market opportunities. Based on in-depth research, student teams will deliver a product offering as outlined in the initial idea, complete with product characteristics, form, price point and target application - in essence a product offering ready for a business plan.

Business Plans

Even if you have a great idea, writing a formal, comprehensive business plan is a labor-intensive process that benefits from the complementary skills of diverse teams. Whether you are looking for industry analyses, financial models, or strategic marketing plans, our graduate student talent is equipped to help you develop full-length business plans, ready for presentation.

New Product Development

At our annual "Venture Idea Open House," both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are given an opportunity to present their business concepts and meet with prospective student teams. If selected, a student team will work with you to characterize the target market, determine a final design capable of being manufactured, analyze costs and select required productive resources, establish distribution channels, and locate potential capital resources, resulting in a product ready for funding and production.

New Venture Investment Opportunities

Over the course of several weeks, graduate student teams are challenged to develop comprehensive business plans which demonstrate the viability, consideration of relevant financial, organizational, operational, marketing, information technology, and strategic issues. The experience is significantly enhanced through the real-time coaching and feedback the student teams receive on their work. In past years, some projects have been the launching pad for successful businesses.