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Karen Drezner
Executive Director

Karen Drezner joined the Lynch Leadership Academy in November 2016.  As the Executive Director, she is eager to work with the team to build on the Lynch Leadership Academy's existing strengths, in order to deepen and broaden its impact regionally and nationally.

Karen has been committed to improving educational opportunities for and fostering the resiliency of children and families living in urban communities for over two decades.  With a foundation of rich experiences as a classroom teacher in Boston and Brooklyn, a mental health researcher at Judge Baker Children’s Center, Children’s Hospital, Boston, and a public health program director at the Children’s Health Fund in New York, Karen assumed a leadership role at Harbor Science and Arts Charter School in East Harlem, where she supported and evaluated teachers, established a data-driven culture and was the key liaison to the charter authorizer, public agencies and programmatic partners.

In 2004, Karen founded the Bronx Charter School for Children, serving 432 K-5 students in the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx. As the Executive Director for seven years, she led the school (in which 85% of students received free or reduced lunch, 12% were English language learners, and 13% received special education supports) to meet and exceed all academic charter goals, consistently outperforming the district.  In 2009, for instance, 75%, 92%, 100% and 84% of students met or exceeded the NYS standards in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, respectively.  Year after year, the school remained fiscally sound and organizationally healthy, with 95% attendance and 98% enrollment rates, 100% attendance at parent/teacher conferences, a cohesive, committed team of teachers and leaders and unwavering support of families.

As the Director of Leadership Development at Achievement First, she fostered the development of principals, academic and culture deans and teachers on individual, school and network levels across two geographic regions.  She has conducted school monitoring visits across the country, and worked with a number of schools to prepare initial and renewal charter applications.  In 2011, Karen founded Leveraging Leaders, a consulting firm that supports the success and sustainability of leaders by providing customized coaching, capacity-building services and community.  She recently developed an innovative Leadership Impact Fellows (LIF) program, spurring the growth of emerging leaders at traditional public, charter and independent schools across NYC.  Ninety percent (90%) of LIFs were promoted into more senior leadership roles at their schools.

Karen is proud to serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School, a high-performing community school in the Bronx.  She earned an M.Ed. from Boston College as a Donovan Scholars Fellow, an executive MBA at Columbia Business School’s Institute for Nonprofit Management and a B.A. from Clark University.

Meet the Cohort

Courtney Sheppeck

Principal, Murphy K-8 School

Geoff Rose

Principal, Perry K-8 School

Ben Rockoff

Resident Principal, JP Manning School

Darlene Ratliff

Principal, Higginson-Lewis K-8 School

Sarah Peteraf

Assistant Principal, Spark Academy

Jillian Pace

Principal Fellow, Brooke High School

Roger Oser

Principal, Ostigy High School

James Nardo

Middle School Principal, Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

Michelle Morrissey

Dean of Humanities, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Farida Mama

Resident Principal, UP Academy Leonard

Michael Lister

Assistant Principal, Saltonstall School

Samantha Johnson

Assistant Principal, City on a Hill New Bedford

Sarah Herman

Principal, Our Sisters' School

Sean Guthrie

Resident Principal, Curley K-8 School

Courtney Gosselin

Assistant Principal, Bowditch School

Jay Goldrick

Principal, Nativity Prep New Bedford

Mona Ford
Mona Ford

Principal, Winship Elementary School

Matt Dunkel
Matt Dunkel

Math Coach, Vassal Lane Upper School

Rene Dickhaut

Principal, Clifford School

Sarah Dent

Assistant Principal, Chelsea High School

Brittny DeMatteo

Inclusion Specialist, City on a Hill Circuit Street

Kellie Carroll
Kellie Carroll

Assistant Principal, St. Agatha School

Glenn Burns

Principal, Collins Middle School

Kristin Blanchette
Kristin Blanchette

Principal, Trinity Catholic Academy Lower Campus

Emily Berman
Emily Berman

Resident Principal, William Russell School

Michael Baulier
Michael Baulier

Resident Principal, Mozart Elementary School

Meet the Alumni

Kim Wall

Principal, City on a Hill New Bedford

Adam Stumacher

Aspiring Principal Resident, Henderson K-12 School

Deborah Rooney

Principal, Lyon K-8 School

Claire Rheaume

Aspiring Principal Resident, Eliot K-8 School

Tabitha Redding

Resident Aspiring Principal, Mission Grammar School

Robert Rametti

Principal, Edwards Middle School

Dan Price

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Malden Catholic High School

Deb Opar

K-6 Literacy Coordinator, Prospect Hill Academy

Elise Mostello

Academic Dean, Conservatory Lab Charter School

Sarah McLaughlin

Principal, Frost Elementary School

Jean Larrabee

Principal, West Zone Early Elementary School

Ryan Holmes

Principal, Match Middle School

Elvis Henriquez

Aspiring Principal Resident, Warren/Prescott K-8 School

Kristen Goncalves

Aspiring Principal Resident, J.P. Manning School

Katie Grassa

Principal, Curley K-8 School

Yeshi Gaskin Lamour

Principal, Holmes Elementary School

Jonathan Diamond

Dean of Students, Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

Joanna Davis

Lead Teacher, Match Middle School

Carmen Davis

Aspiring Principal Resident, Mozart Elementary School

Nick Cuomo

Aspiring Principal Resident, Pope John Paul II-Neponset

Leldamy Correa

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Lawrence High School

Jason Colombino

Assistant Principal, Collins Middle School

Jamie Brown

Aspiring Principal Resident, South Boston Catholic Academy

Dave Angeramo

Principal, Salem High School

Kristen Ando

Co-Leader for Curriculum and Instruction, Oliver Partnership School

Jonathan Anderson

Principal, Davis Leadership Academy

Natalie Ake

Principal, Ellison/Parks Early Education School

Marlena Afonso

Head of Operations, Bentley Elementary School

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