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Rudy Weekes

In December of 2010, the Boston School Committee voted to support Superintendent Carol Johnson’s plan to close or merge more than a dozen schools beginning in the 2011-2012 school year. The plan is a continuation of Boston Public Schools' Redesign and Reinvest effort to create a more parent- and student-friendly system offering the best school options to all students—no matter where they live. Among the merging schools were Brook Farm Service Academy and Media Communications Technology High School.

As principal, Rudy Weekes was faced with a unique challenge: to merge the academic and social cultures of these two communities into one unified school. Working with his Lynch Leadership Academy coach Patricia Kelly, Weekes initiated his school growth project titled Building WRA Community Focus: The Merger of Brook Farm Academy and Media Communications Technology into One School.

One of Weekes’s first undertakings was to rename the school. This past December, the Boston School Committee approved of the renaming of the school to West Roxbury Academy. 

“This was one of the first successes of the school growth project,” Weekes said. “It gave us the opportunity to begin to brand West Roxbury Academy as WRA. The letters 'WRA' are not only the initials of 'West Roxbury Academy,' but have become the school-wide instructional focus of Write, Read, and Analyze. As a community focus, WRA is Willingness to face challenges, Respect for one’s self, and Accountability to the community. The WRA model focuses on the whole student and gives clear direction to our students, teachers, staff, and administration.”

As the project progresses, Weekes will shift his attention to focus on the effect the teacher instruction has on improving student performance and outcome. 

“My colleagues at the Lynch Leadership Academy are an amazing source of support for me. The key take-away from the Academy is that we have formed a support network of principals. My Lynch Leadership coach is amazing. Her advice has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone,” Weekes said.

Meet the Cohort

Gerald Yung

Principal, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School

Meghan Welch

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Harvard-Kent Elementary School

Lisa Warshafsky

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Mission Grammar School

Andrew Vega

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Phineas Bates Elementary School

Rochelle Valdez

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Joseph J. Hurley K-8 School

Patrick Tutwiler

Headmaster, Brighton High School

Courtney Smith

Lower School Principal, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Maureen Simmons

Principal, St. Agatha School

Valecia Saunders

Headmaster, McKinley Schools

Gene Roundtree

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Eliot K-8 Innovation School

Adam Renda

Principal, Crocker Elementary School

Sonya Pratt-Masso

Principal, City on a Hill II

Katie Pereira

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Excel Academy Orient Heights

Mark Pellegrino

Principal, Gardner High School

Mark O'Connor

Resident Fellow, William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School

Sarah Morland

High School Principal, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Eileen McLaughlin

Principal, Mount Alvernia High School

Karen McCarthy

Principal, Curtis Guild Elementary

Michelle Knoebel

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School

Sara Hosmer

Principal, Martin E. Young School

Jocelyn Goodwin

Assistant Principal, Match Community Day Charter School

John Elder

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Phoenix Academy Lawrence

Brett Dickens

Principal, Boston Community Leadership Academy

Stacy Ciprich

Assistant Principal, Lawrence High School

Emily Bryan

Resident Fellow, Warren/Prescott K-8 School

Erin Borthwick

Principal, Wolfgang Mozart Elementary School

Cristin Berry

Principal, City on a Hill I

Stacy Andrade

Assistant Principal, Lawrence Catholic Academy

Meet the Alumni

Megan Webb

Resident Fellow, Orchard Gardens K-8 School

Samantha Varano

Assistant Principal, Thomas A. Edison K-8 School

Marjorie Soto

Principal, Joseph J. Hurley Dual Language School

Mistie Parsons

Head of School, Phoenix Charter Academy

Abidemi Bisi Oyedele

Executive Director, MATCH Charter Public High School

Tom Nunan, Jr.

Principal, Saint Joseph Preparatory High School

Katharine Needham

Assistant Principal, Match Community Day Charter School

Pauline Lugira

Resident Fellow, The Dever/McCormack Middle School

Alex Lisak

Principal, Academy of the Pacific Rim

Deborah Langlois

Principal, Gardner Middle School

Kelly M. Hung

Principal, Phineas Bates Elementary School

Nicole Gittens

Principal, Urban Science Academy

Lisa Gilbert-Smith

Principal, Another Course to College

Jason Gallagher

Principal, Harvard Kent Elementary School

Christine Ann Evans

Principal, Saint Paul School

Aliece M. Dutson

Assistant Principal, Mission Grammar School

Jenna Cramer

Principal, Kilmer K-8 School

Robby Chisholm

Resident Fellow, Mather Elementary School

Stephanie Callahan

Head of Lower School, Salem Academy

Ethan d’Ablemont Burnes

Principal, Manning School

Emily Bozeman

Resident Fellow, The Elliot K-8 School

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