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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Academic Program

PhD students in accounting complete a five-year program that is based on a thorough grounding in fundamental economic principles and rigorous statistical skills. You will develop an appreciation of the institutional details that characterize accounting research, and you will concentrate on developing skills in econometrics, as well as contracting and capital markets theory.


Accounting PhD students complete a program of study that begins with coursework in accounting, quantitative methods, economics, and finance. Through seminar courses, you will become fluent on the existing state of research literature, appropriate research methods, and proper management of the publication process.

Course requirements are typically satisfied in the first two years of the program. In addition to doctoral seminars, PhD students will take courses in the departments of finance and economics, and are encouraged to explore inter-disciplinary pursuits.


A comprehensive examination will be administered at the conclusion of the second year in the program. Satisfactory performance on the exam marks your transition from course-work to full-time thesis research.


Doctoral students engage early in the research process. The completion of a first year paper, which can be a replication or an extension of a previous study, provides an early hands-on experience in research design, programming, data-management and statistical analysis. In addition, students complete a second-year paper based on an original research idea, and submit a research proposal at the end of the third year. The proposal is the precursor to the dissertation: a substantial, significant, and original contribution to the field.


Doctoral students at the Carroll School are expected to serve as research or teaching assistants throughout their studies. Typically, you will serve as a research assistant for the first two years of the program, and act as a teaching assistant/research assistant in following years. In exchange, you will receive full tuition remission and a generous stipend. Learn more about financial support for doctoral students.




  Microeconomic Theory I (ECON7740)
  Investments (MFIN8801)
  Statistics (ECON7770)
  Corporate Finance (MFIN7704)
  Financial Accounting Practice I* (ACCT8813)
  Microeconomic Theory II (ECON7741)
  Econometrics (ECON7772)
  PhD Seminar in Asset Pricing Theory
  PhD Seminar in Corporate Finance Theory
  Financial Accounting Practice II* (ACCT8814)
  Programming Skills

                *If required



  PhD Seminar in Empirical Corporate Finance  
  PhD Seminar in Empirical Asset Pricing  
  PhD Seminar on Empirical Topics in Accounting  
  Applied Econometrics (ECON8823)
  PhD Seminar in Accounting Research Part II (Capital Markets)
  PhD Seminar in Accounting Research Part III (Contracting)
  Comprehensive Exam