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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Faculty and Research News

Professor Alicia H. Munnell
Prof. Alicia Munnell Delights In Her Work for BC

December 1, 2011

Prof. Alicia H. Munnell, the Peter. F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences at the Carroll School of Management, has had an impressive career.

Professor Kathering (Kay) Lemon, Ph.D.
Prof. Kay Lemon: “Working at BC is a Blessing”

November 15, 2011

Accenture Professor of Marketing Katherine (Kay) Lemon, Ph.D. is a successful academic and prolific researcher in the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

Dave Wilson
Five Questions – Dave Wilson

October 4, 2011

Dave Wilson has been the president and CEO of the Graduate Management Admission Council since 1995, a former MBA professor at Harvard University in the 70s and a long-time advocate of MBA education. Here are the highlights of our interview:

BC students in front of Google
Students Describe Prof. John Gallaugher’s TechTrek West As “A Game Changer”

August 31, 2011

Prof. John Gallaugher, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College knows that the field study he hosts annually out to the West Coast is a blockbuster hit. It's called TechTrek West and Gallaugher is convinced he's offering his business students something unbeatable — something they won’t find elsewhere. “It's not an exaggeration to say the program is the best of its kind in the country.  The level of access we have to companies is unprecedented," he says.

Investment Banking
Finance Professor, Philip E. Strahan Takes a Holistic Look at Finance

Compared with other MBA professors, Prof. Philip E. Strahan, Professor and John L. Collins, S.J. Chair in Finance comes from an eclectic and creative background. His dad taught high school education in subjects such as foreign languages, music and humanities. Both his mother and father also played and taught the piano. Strahan has pleasant childhood memories of his parents singing and playing duets together. “Academia was hailed as the golden path in our household. Teaching was considered a noble thing to do," says Strahan. 

Research shows media is failing to maintain long-term attention of users.
Marketing Professors Research Multitasking With Multimedia

On the head of their successes with their Red Bull “Gives you Wings” research, Professors S. Adam Brasel and James Gips of the Boston College Carroll School of Management produced some new research about how effectively, or ineffectively, we multi-task as we work with multimedia. 

Sadka teaching an MBA finance class.
“When ideas come up, you must act,” says Carroll School Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka

August 18, 2011

Few professions allow people to act upon ideas as they come up. But Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka, who teaches the Investments course at Boston College's Carroll School of Management, feels he can accomplish a lot through his teaching. 

Red Bull cans
Carroll School Marketing Professors Research the Edgy Marketing Efforts of Red Bull

Professors S. Adam Brasel and James Gips of the Carroll School of Management released some interesting research this spring that showed the power of unintended consequences of ambient advertising and product placement. The research, which examined the edgy marketing efforts of Red Bull the energy drink, was published in a recent edition of the Journal of Consumer Psychology. 

Andy Boynton
Carroll School’s Dean Andy Boynton Inspires Entrepreneurs In His New Book: "The Idea Hunter"

The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make them Happen a book co-authored by Boston College Carroll School of Management Dean, Andy Boynton and Professor Bill [1] Fischer, is gaining excellent media coverage. Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, CNBC,, Business and BNet have favorably reviewed the book. even asked Boynton to be a blog contributor.