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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

A day in my life as a BC MBA student.

Professional Picture of Aditee Dalvi


Today started off with an 8:30 am class in Data Analytics. Thursday is the only day when the class starts at 8:30 am for my section, and I was looking forward to finishing classes by 1:00 pm.  Data Analytics happens to be one of my favorite courses in my first quarter at CSOM. We studied decision analysis today which involves making decision trees to find the most favorable outcomes when provided with a lot of ‘if-then’ criteria. So far we have learned Data Mining for Prediction and Classification, Constrained Optimization, Optimization Applications and Decision Analysis. This might sound complex, but the professor is just simply great in explaining concepts and the class is dynamic. This subject is way cooler than I expected and I have learned many new concepts that have practical utility. For example, how can a firm maximize revenue from an investment portfolio, or how to predict how many calls a call center will receive given call history? So moving on, I finished the class, got back the quiz scores (there is a weekly quiz), enjoyed some trivia questions (the professor is great and funny) and was finished with the class. I moved onto my Marketing class next, and reviewed pricing strategy and product pricing math problems (of the very few math problems in marketing).The professor is great as well, and my cruising through the day continued with a reminder on the team project that is due in just over one week. As soon as the class was finished, I met with the marketing team for an hour to put in some solid time and content deadlines for the marketing project. After the meeting, I picked up a snack and coffee from the ‘Bean Counter’ (coffee shop in Fulton hall) and then met with my 2nd year MBA mentor for the first time. After getting to know my mentor, I made a few copies for next week’s classes and decided to go home around 4:30 pm to continue working on the marketing team project and plan for final exams which are in just over one week!