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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Meet Andrew and Micah, Class of 2013

MBA graduate of the Carroll School

June 2013

The national economy might still look shaky, but MBA graduates of the Carroll School are doing just fine in the job market.

Just ask Micah Plevyak, MBA/MSF ’13, whose internship with Tyco led directly to a full-time job in finance. Or Andrew Starr, MBA/MSF ’13, a former seminarian who landed a position in commercial real estate at Staples.

For both graduates, the job search involved a combination of networking, practical experience, the all-important internship—and the support of BC’s Career Strategies office.

“I first got interested in Tyco through the Career Strategies office,” says Plevyak. “The Carroll School has a great relationship with Tyco. Already, at least three BC graduates work at the company. Because of that relationship, Career Strategies was able to help me get an interview there.”

During his interview with Tyco, Plevyak drew on his experiences at the Carroll School to stand out from the competition. “The interviewers wanted to know how I handle challenges and how I work with other people,” he says. “I was able to talk about various projects I had done as part of my coursework, and the results my team had gotten for our clients.”

For his part, Starr says the Career Strategies office was instrumental in helping him prepare for interviews.

“I spent three years in Roman Catholic seminary before going to business school, so my background was a bit more complex than that of most students,” he says. “I wasn’t sure how to talk about that, but the Career Strategies staff helped me craft my story and articulate how my experiences relate to the workplace.”

Through conversations and mock interviews with Career Strategies, Starr honed his talking points. By the time he interviewed on campus for an internship with Staples, he had a clear vision of how to present himself. 

“I used my seminary experience as a jumping-off point to talk about my values and how my passion for helping people translates to the business world,” he recalls. “In my interview with Staples, those values resonated.”

Both Starr and Plevyak parlayed their internship experiences into full-time job offers. Plevyak interned in mergers and acquisitions at Tyco, and ended up with a job in finance after giving a presentation to the division’s CFO. Starr, whose internship at Staples was in retail, networked his way to the company’s real estate group and got an offer there.

Plevyak points to the Boston College network as an important part of the job-search process. “Boston College has alumni in important positions throughout the business industry, giving Carroll School students the opportunity to network at a very high level,” he says. “That provides a real edge in the job market.”