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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

The Virtue of the Carroll School MBA Internship

The Carroll School of Management offers two types of internships and students excel as a result

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Students at BCCSM learn the value of an internship.

September 7, 2011
Students and Community

At the Boston College Club in Downtown Boston, MA, in April, Carroll School of Management alumni spoke to incoming students for the fall 2011 semester.  One recurring theme from the success stories was the role internships played for securing the jobs the alumni now hold.  Matt Rudnick, ‘04 an investment banker for MHT Partners, an investment banking firm based in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Boston said his internship at EMC Corporation was "instrumental" in landing a full-time job after graduation.

Kate Cox, '09, maintained a full-time job with Stride Rite Children's Group, the children’s footwear brand, while finishing up her second year at the Carroll School.  She continues working for Stride Rite as a product line manager. “I really appreciated having the flexibility to pursue my career aspirations while finishing the program on time," she said.

The Graduate Management Admission Council has long reported that roughly 3/4 of organizations hiring new or employees will first interview MBA students who have interned with them, and then open the field to other candidates.  As in any field — journalism, law, medicine and business — internships allow students to sample an industry and job before committing to full-time employment. 

The Carroll School offers a summer internship in the MBA’s first year of studies — but the additional academic year internship, AYI, offered in the second year is unique.  This allows the MBA student to continue studying and working as an intern right up until they graduate. So Rudnick, for instance, in his second year did a full course workload in the evenings in addition to 40 hours a week at EMC Corp.

Marilyn Eckelman, Director of Office of Career Strategies for the Carroll School, said typically 45% of their MBA students participate in an academic year internship annually.  The academic year internships are promoted to employers as a way to showcase Carroll School talent.