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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

David Emerson ’12 interns at one of the nation's largest government research organizations

David Emerson spent his summer interning for MITRE Corporation; a not-for-profit organization providing systems engineering, research and development, and IT support to the U.S. government.

The Pentagon
The Pentagon

September 26, 2011

Second year MBA student David Emerson got way more than he expected from his 11 week internship with MITRE.  By working on a huge innovation project in the operations research division in McLean, VA, Emerson got to work on several interesting ideas the organization wants to launch.

This is one of the 19 dual MBAs offered through the program and aptly prepared him for some of the more complex mathematical modeling involved with the job, partially sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Emerson’s direct manager for the internship was a Ph.D. holding scientist, as well as a Colonel in the Army.  Often his supervisor was traveling to countries such as Afghanistan. This made for an interesting and smart supervisor from whom Emerson learned a lot.  The internship, which finished two weeks before classes started back at the Carroll School, was highly challenging while also giving Emerson a lot of autonomy.  "Much of the internship I worked alone, only meeting with my three other teammates a few times a week to go over our ideas and goals.  I enjoyed this freedom."

Now the internship is complete, Emerson feels reasonably confident about future job prospects with MITRE.  "My supervisors seemed very satisfied with the work I delivered.  I will stay in touch with the organization and hope to secure full-time work there upon graduating."

What we can learn from Emerson’s internship:

•    Emerson learned about the internship opportunity through his close connections with faculty and deans at the Carroll School

•    These connections were partly established because of the Carroll School’s connections with MITRE Corporation

•    A scientist at MITRE approached Associate Dean Jeffrey Ringuest about this internship position earlier in the year.  Because Ringuest worked closely with Emerson for his dual MBA and applied mathematics degree, Ringuest recommended him for the role

•    Having a specific skill set in mathematics along with his MBA helped qualify Emerson for the job