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Performing Quality Work

ExxonMobil Financial Analyst Matt Muhlhauser ‘10 says his MBA goals were all met at the Carroll School

Matt Muhlhauser
Matt Muhlhauser, '10 is a financial analyst for ExxonMobil

October 19, 2011

Matt Muhlhauser, ’10 is a financial analyst for ExxonMobil. He is currently based in Virginia where his role involves copious travel sometimes with 15 trips per year for company projects in Central and South America.

His early life however was quieter. Muhlhauser grew up in a small, Washington state fishing and logging town. Its population barely nudged 10,000 people. Muhlhauser always knew he’d move and after securing his bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Portland he worked at The Boeing Company on a two-year rotational program where he worked in Commercial Airplane Contracts, Corporate Financial Reporting and 787 Financial Planning.  The work allowed him to live in both Seattle and Chicago for a year while also traveling extensively in Asia. He then spent three years working at Boeing Capital Corporation in various Financial Planning roles.  

But in spite of all this great work experience, Muhlhauser wanted to experience a two-year graduate program and enhance his skills. After his rotational program he moved to Boston, Mass. with his wife and enrolled in the Carroll School of Management’s full-time MBA program.

Coming from a close-knit community, Muhlhauser was attracted to the smaller class sizes at the Carroll School. He liked that the business program was extremely well ranked in finance and had some of the best professors in the nation. Also, although it was in everyone’s DNA to compete, Carroll School MBA students all helped each other. “The camaraderie was amazing. I walked away with 100 friends who I can call anytime, for anything. We all worked together to become better,” Muhlhauser says.

What he learned

Muhlhauser chose finance as his concentration and was completely impressed by how smart the Carroll School professors were. Everyone was established in their careers and their research was well-published. His favorite course was the core accounting course taught by the Joseph L. Sweeney Chair of Accounting, Professor G. Pete Wilson. Prof. Wilson pushed and challenged everyone, in a good way. He’d been the former president of the American Accounting Association, had taught at Harvard and developed excellent course modules which helped further the discipline of accounting, Muhlhauser says.

Muhlhauser also loved the two consulting projects he participated in. The Asian International Consulting Project, a three credit course hosted by Lecturer Prof. Gregory L. Stoller, involved presenting to Chinese government officials in China and was “incredible,” he recalls. He was on the winning team of the Diane Weiss Consulting Competition. The group was challenged to help Eaton Vance, a financial services group, better position and reevaluate their money market fund after the financial crisis.

The degree that keeps on giving

Now, as a financial analyst at ExxonMobil, Muhlhauser says he uses the skills he learned at the Carroll School every day. How the program helped him the most, he says, is by reminding him the diligence of performing quality work. “Carroll School gives you the skills and presentation skills to communicate with senior management. They taught me how to synthesize, present and analyze data and communicate that at a higher level effectively to different levels of management and colleagues,” he says. “All of my goals were undoubtedly met at Boston College. I’m very grateful for all I learned there.”