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Pressing For Results

Leif Neumann, ’12 secures a consulting job from The Boston Consulting Group internship

Boston Consulting Group
An unique background will help you stand out in the job market

September 20, 2011

Leif Neumann had multiple things going for him even prior to securing an excellent internship with the Boston Consulting Group Germany.  First off, he's German, [which obviously increased his chances of working for a German office].  Secondly, early in his first semester at the Carroll School, he linked his resume to the career services database.  When recruiters from the Boston Consulting Group sought prospects from the GTS/ MBA Focus website, Neumann’s resume came up.  [They actually contacted him for the job.]

Thirdly, as well as being bright, Neumann has a quirky and very unique background — he spent 12 years in the German military prior to graduate school.  Because the Boston Consulting Group prides itself on its diverse backgrounds and the Carroll School MBA is so highly regarded, Neumann was an attractive candidate for the summer consultant job.  "I was really delighted to get the job," he says.

What he learned from his internship

Once in Germany, Neumann says he was impressed by how intense and challenging his 12- week internship was.  Part of his responsibilities were working on a case team in South Africa and working with the client in the chemicals industry on three modules around their pricing structure and supply contracts.  He also worked on designing pilots to test out in the field and designed a customer survey.  Additionally, he conducted interviews with customers to find out what service requirements from the client were most important for the customers.  “I learned a huge amount into 12 weeks,” he says.

His hard work also paid off. During his exit interview, Neumann learned not only were his supervisors delighted with his performance, they offered him a job upon graduating from the Carroll School, or even immediately.  He says his supervisors liked his work and his approach. They enjoyed seeing an MBA come up with immediate results and directly applying these to the customer, rather than applying academic theories learned at school.  It was Neumann’s time in the military that taught him this.  "Of course, I accepted. Next year I join the group as a consultant.  I'm thrilled," he says.

What we can learn from Neumann’s internship

•    Post your resume to the Carroll School database GTS/ MBA Focus — prospective employers do come looking

•    Prior to graduate school, make your background as diverse and as interesting as possible

•    In an internship, don't get too engaged with academic theory.  Rather, take what you've learned from graduate school and apply it directly to the client, pressing for immediate results