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Carroll School’s Fall Day of Service

Five years later, the program has expanded and is as important as ever

Carroll School's Fall Day of Service
Carroll School's Fall Day of Service

November 2, 2011

Giving back to the community is part of the Jesuit culture. So, in keeping with that theme, on October 22, the Carroll School of Management hosted its Fall Day of Service, by helping the Presentation School Foundation, Inc. (PSF) convert its old primary school building into a community center. This is the first year the Carroll School hosted two Days of Service within the same year and the first year where all Carroll School students from all disciplines participated, not just MBAs. Kathleen Joyce is the Carroll School Assistant Director of Student Services and the organizer behind the event. "Giving back to the greater community is part of the Jesuit tradition and is what we at Boston College are all about," she says.

Why giving back is so important

The Carroll School values community work so much, they make it part of the graduation requirements. Joyce endorses the Day of Service, now in its fifth year at the Carroll School. She says volunteer work teaches students to be aware of their surroundings and to see how their actions can impact a community. It also shows the community that MBA, finance and accounting students have good ethics and are hard-working people, she adds. "So often we highlight all the good work the students do inside the classroom; this highlights the good work done outside the classroom too."  

What the students do

The Day of Service volunteer activities run the gamut from students volunteering their accounting, finance or business skills to somebody who can't afford them, raking leaves, cleaning up graffiti and helping with fundraising opportunities. Last April at the Spring Day of Service, Carroll School students volunteered at the West End Boys and Girls Club by cleaning their facility and helping with a fundraising opportunity.  Others volunteered for the Steps for Success program cleaning up graffiti and helping with landscaping.

Anna Tustison, ’12, a second year MBA student with a concentration in Product and Brand Management, worked with Joyce to coordinate activities for this year’s first Fall Day of Service. Tustison, who participated in this year's Spring Day of Service, enjoyed seeing how well the community responded to the help they received and getting to know Carroll School students from other disciplines, not just business. “I enjoyed seeing Carroll School students so passionate about helping out,” Tustison says.

For this year’s spring event, Tustison was one of 50 Carroll School students volunteering at the West End House, an independent house for boys and girls in Allston, Mass. From morning to dusk, Tustison and her fellow classmates raked leaves, cleaned up computer files, cleaned up the school and organized mail for a fundraiser.

Cleaning up the Presentation School Foundation

For this year's Fall Day of Service, 30 Carroll School students along with faculty and administrators spruced up the Presentation School’s exterior landscape. The building has been empty for many years and is almost ready for two local nonprofit organizations to move in. Students worked to clear out an entire overgrown boundary of the property, and some compiled the donor list for the foundation.

Allison Dahl, ’13, whose concentration is in Competitive Service Delivery, has worked closely with the Presentation School Foundation previously on branding the community center. She enjoyed seeing the building become ready for opening and getting involved with the volunteer efforts. "The first year at the Carroll School has been very intense, and I was glad to put my mind somewhere else," she admits. "This Day of Service will help remind us of the community outside the walls of Boston College that we are a part of.”