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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs


updates from the carroll school of management graduate programs

BC MBA Class of 2017 in the Fulton Hall Atrium

Welcome to the Class of 2017
August 25, 2015

The BC MBA Class of 2017 is a diverse group boasting significant work experience and an international background. Learn more about the BC MBA Class of 2017»


Picture of Professor Mary Ellen Carter
Professor Carter Examines the Gender Pay Gap

Associate Professor of Accounting Mary Ellen Carter's research shows that the pay gap is lower when women serve on corporate boards and the effect spreads to company's other executive level women. Read the CNN article.

Pictures of Prof Kane (left) and Prof Subramaniam (right)
Professors Kane and Subramaniam Discuss "DIY Supply Chains"

Associate Professors Gerald Kane (BC) and Mohan Subramaniam (MIT) discuss how digital technology is expanding consumer options beyond the boundaries of traditional supply chains. Read the article in the MIT Sloan                              Management Review.

Professional picture of dean andy boynton
Dean Andy Boynton Examines What Separates the Leaders From the Managers

"Great leading and great managing go hand in hand. Leaders do both; they innovate and execute." Read the Forbes article here

Professional picture of professor Appel
Professor Appel Challenges the Notion of Passive Investors Wielding Little Influence In the Marketplace

Assistant Professor of Finance Ian Appel is the co-winner of a research competition for his jointly authored paper challenging the idea that so-called passive investors wield little influence in the marketplace. 

Professional Picture of Alicia Munnell
"Five things to know about your 401(k) to make it work harder."

In this CNBC piece, Alicia Munnell, executive director at the Center for Retirement Research, recommends strategies for taking full advantage of a 401(k) plan and maximizing it to the hilt.

Picture of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt
General Electric CEO, Jeffrey Immelt H'10, Speaks at BC Club

Jeffrey Immelt H'10, Chairman & CEO of General Electric (GE), spoke at the March 24, 2016 meeting of the Boston College Chief Executives Club. Immelt indicated that Boston's thriving start-up sector played a major role in the decision to move GE's headquarters to Boston from Connecticut. Watch his address on NECN.

Chris Anselmo, MBA '16, On Being An Advocate For Dysferlinopathy

Anselmo, dicsusses how a blood test changed his life and helped him become a rare disease advocate. Read his StatNews article here

Professor Nikolova Studies the Impact of Simplified Nutrition Labels

"Simplified nutrition labels spur healthier food choices by consumers in grocery stores," according to a study co-authored by Assistant Professor of Marketing, Hristina Nikolova, published in the Journal of Marketing Research. Read the BC News article.

Professor Pontiff Examines Stock Return Predictability

In his co-authored reserach paper, Professor of Finance Jeffrey Pontiff examines the link between academic reserach and stock return predictability. Read the BloombergView finance article here.

Professional Picture of Target CEO Brian C. Cornell
Target Corporation CEO Speaks at BC Club

At BC’s latest Chief Executives Club meeting, Target Chairman and CEO Brian C. Cornell discussed the contemporary consumer market, digital innovation, and cybersecurity. 

Boston College Carroll School of Management Logo
Boston College Alumni Beat Ivy League Graduates at Stock Picking

Read more about the analysis, conducted by SumZero, in Reuters.

Photo of BC Professor Henrik Hagtvedt
Professor Hagtvedt Finds a Link Between Luxury Brands and Charity Organizations

Associate Professor of Marketing Henrik Hagtvedt is co-author of a study that found consumers are more likely to buy luxury brands that highlight partnerships with charity organizations at the point of sale. Read more in the Boston College Chronicle.


Photo of BC Professor Darren Kisgen
Professor Kisgen Creates Fantasy Adventure Game Dragonwood

It started as something Associate Professor of Finance and Hillenbrand Faculty Fellow Darren Kisgen created to play with his kids. Now his fantasy adventure game Dragonwood has gone global and is winning awards. Associated Press.