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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Full-Time Curriculum

Effective September 2015*

MSF students in the Carroll School’s full-time program can complete the program in one full year of study following the curriculum below. Please also reference the Full-Time Curriculum prerequisite coursework.

 Core Courses:

 Investments 3

 Corporate Finance 3

 Management of Financial Institutions 3

 Financial Econometrics 3

 Derivatives and Risk Management 3
 One of the following:

 Theory of Corporate Finance

 (offered spring semester only)


 Corporate Valuation and Restructuring

 (offered fall semester only)

 One of the following:

 Portfolio Theory 3

 Fixed Income Analysis 3
 Choose three electives:

 Any 6600 or 8800-level Finance courses 

 or ACCT8824 (Financial Statement Analysis).

 All other Elective choices require dept. permission.  

 Elective 3

As noted in course descriptions, some upper level electives have prerequisite requirements. Please make note of this and DO NOT register for courses for which you do not have the necessary prerequisites. If you do, you will be dropped from the course. Please see Courses & Schedules for specifics.

Additionally, please note that all 7000 level courses are for the full-time MBA students only, and as you may expect, you are not eligible to enroll in these courses. Ineligible students who do register for 7000 level courses will be dropped from them. 

The Carroll School is committed to instilling a strong sense of community service in its students. In an effort to align this commitment with the program, all MSF students must complete 10 hours of service to others through meaningful work as volunteers.

* Students who began the MSF program prior to September 2015 will follow the curriculum that was in place at the time of their admission.