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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

MSF Academics


The MSF Program at Boston College is designed to meet the diverse needs of finance professionals, recent undergraduates beginning their careers in finance, and mathematicians, economists, engineers, computer scientists, and others who are considering a new career in the world of finance.

Two scheduling options are available:

  • Full-Time: the full-time option allows you to complete the MSF in one full year of study. Full-time students typically take four classes in each the fall and spring semesters, and finish their degrees by taking two classes during the summer.
  • Part-Time: the part-time option offers a flexible schedule, enabling you to earn your degree while continuing to advance your career. Part-time students take two classes per semester on average. At this pace, the total duration of the program will be approximately 20 months.


Core Courses:
 Investments 3
 MFIN8807  Corporate Finance 3
 MFIN8820  Management of Financial  Institutions 3
 MFIN8852  Financial Econometrics 3
 MFIN8860  Derivatives and Risk  Management 3
 One of the following:
 MFIN8881  Theory of Corporate Finance
 (offered spring semester only)
 MFIN8821  Corporate Valuation and  Restructuring
 (offered fall semester only)
 One of the following:
 MFIN8803  Portfolio Theory 3
 MFIN8880  Fixed Income Analysis 3
 Choose three electives:
 Elective  Any 6600 or 8800-level Finance courses;
 or ACCT8824 (Financial Statement Analysis).
 All other elective choices require dept. permission.
 Elective 3
 Elective 3


All MSF candidates must satisfy all prerequisite requirements prior to entering the program. During the course of the program, all MSF students must complete 10 hours of service work.

Community Service

The Carroll School has a proud tradition of service to our community. In keeping with that tradition and with our Jesuit heritage, all Carroll School graduate students must fulfill a requirement to serve others through meaningful work as volunteers. Learn more about the Community Service requirement.