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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Amy Hutton

faculty profile

Professional Photo of Professor Amy Hutton

“Today’s evolving economy presents a rare opportunity for students to think about what investors need to know about a particular business. In class, we can explore effective ways to communicate the key drivers of value creation for that business model and industry.

When I’m working with data, I try to understand what’s going on econometrically – but ideas come alive when I’m talking with and learning from students.

My primary goal is to help students develop the strategic perspective and technical accounting skills they’ll need to navigate the complex challenges of financial reporting and disclosure practices in the twenty-first century.”

Professor Amy Hutton teaches courses in the Carroll School of Management on Financial Accounting and Analysis and Corporate Disclosure. Prior to joining the Carroll School, she was a faculty member at the Tuck School of Business and Harvard Business School. She is also an editor of the Accounting Review and has published in a number of accounting and business-based journals. Professor Hutton has also served on the U.S. Congressional Review Board for Best Practices for Equity Research and as a corporate director of Bandag, Inc., a Fortune 1500 company. In 2009, she won the American Accounting Association’s Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Literature Award for her "Groundbreaking Research."