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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Liz Lentis
Part-Time MBA '13

Image of Liz
Liz Lentis, Part-Time MBA '13, is Director of Business Development at Chaucer Consulting.


“I started thinking about pursuing an MBA in 2007, when I was working for Pfizer in Manhattan. I planned to attend school full time, but the timing never seemed right. Then in 2010 I moved to Boston and started looking at part-time programs. I was drawn to Boston College because it had a strong academic reputation and a great sense of community—and I sensed that I would be able to have a full-time experience in a part-time setting."

"And that’s just what I’ve found. Part-time students at the Carroll School can get involved in everything from executive lectures to student organizations to professional activities that enhance the academic experience. I’ve seen six high-level executives speak, from the CEO of Motorola to the CFO of Raytheon. And as a member of the Technology Club, I’ve visited local companies and met industry leaders."

"I had the opportunity to meet Warren Buffett, one of my idols. A group of us traveled to his company’s headquarters in Omaha, where we met with him for a Q&A and a luncheon. I also visited 20 tech companies on the West Coast through the Carroll School’s TechTrek program. Over the course of five days, we visited everything from small start-ups to Google to blue-chip companies, meeting with executives and seeing how different companies operate. It was a fantastic experience, and we learned more than we ever could have learned in a classroom. By the time we left, I was so inspired that I wanted to start my own company.”