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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Kevin Cuomo
MBA '12

United States Navy



Kevin Cuomo in military uniform

October 12, 2011

What made you select the Carroll School of Management?
I knew Boston College had a great reputation. The small class size was also attractive and I felt this would add to the sense of community. Additionally, my undergraduate institution, the U.S. Naval Academy, offered a fellowship to study at the Carroll School of Management, sponsored by the late Dr. John McMullen.

How do you think your military experience is coming in handy for your MBA studies?  Please give some specific examples where this has been helpful.
The military teaches us the discipline of sticking to a timeline and this has been indispensable. In the military, the days started early, often before 6 a.m., and in order to fulfill all professional and physical requirements, time management was imperative. The same has been true at BC.  For instance, all four of my current courses not only meet during the week, but each class also requires group projects that must be accomplished outside normal class time. Combine that with the numerous extracurricular and social events, such as University football games and networking events, and the whole MBA experience becomes an elaborate juggling act. The military prepares you for that.

You are part of a growing trend of military joining MBA schools. Why do you think we are seeing this growth?

I believe there is overlap between leadership and management. The military relies on leadership performing at a high level. I believe an MBA can help round out a member of the military's leadership ability. The MBA brings a more analytic approach to maximizing performance of a military leader's subordinates and his or her branch of service as a whole.

What has been the highlight of your studies at the Carroll School so far and what do you think will be the most compelling take away of your studies here?
By far, the highlight of my studies has been the Carroll School community. I have met people from different walks of life who have become great friends and colleagues. Of these, many are current or former military members. In my class alone there is a former submarine officer, a former German army officer, and a current Coast Guard officer. Additionally, I have met people from Asia and Latin America who have taught me about different cultures and world perspectives. Many of the people I've met during my MBA studies will be lifelong friends, well beyond my time here.

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