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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Consulting Project

The emphasis on applied learning continues throughout the second semester as students provide consulting services to external clients. This intensive project has long been a hallmark of the Boston College MBA Program.

Consulting Project clients include start-ups and small existing businesses, major multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. While projects vary widely, each team is responsible for improving the client organization through analyzing a major challenge or opportunity and delivering practical solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Teams select potential projects that represent the best fit with their members’ interests and competencies. Final assignments are made following an interview process. Teams and their clients subsequently meet to reach mutual agreements about the scope and deliverables for each project and confer at key junctures throughout the engagement.

Projects typically entail devising a strategy for the introduction of a product or service, identifying potential acquisition candidates, creating and installing a new business process, evaluating large-scale operational practices, developing a business plan for expanding overseas production capacity or attracting foreign investment.

The performance of Boston College Consulting Project teams is highly regarded, and numerous client companies return year after year. Our students work in active partnership with their clients, engaging in far more than intellectual exercises that result in paper output. Rather, they learn to distinguish between symptoms and root causes of problems, to define their scope, and to develop plans to resolve them so that they can be implemented with measurable results. Students often enjoy exceptional access at their client companies, gaining industry insights and the perspective of senior management.

The teams meet regularly with a Second-Year Student Consultant advisor to test and refine their analyses and evolving solutions. Clients and student teams alike derive benefit from the vast reservoir of business acumen and experience in the Boston College community. Teams may call on any faculty member for advice and expertise in addressing a particular issue or complex situation.

The prestigious Diane Weiss Consulting Competition, named in memory of an outstanding MBA program graduate, is the exciting capstone experience of a demanding first year of applied learning and professional growth. All MBA Consulting Project teams present their work to the faculty. Finalists are chosen to make formal presentations before a panel of judges comprised of CEOs and senior managers from leading companies. Teams are judged on the quality of their analyses, the feasibility and creativity of their proposed solutions and recommendations, and their performance as a cross-functional team. Top-ranked consulting teams receive prominent recognition and  awards.