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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs


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Please note that we will confirm your date of graduation with the Boston College's Office of Student Services.

International students, who do not have long-term US work authorization, cannot be considered for an academic year internship, until they have completed two full semesters.

Accuracy of Information

All information submitted to Career Strategies or directly to an employer must be accurate.   In addition to concerns raised about ethics and integrity, most employers conduct background checks to verify information submitted by candidates for employment.  Discrepancies have resulted in the withdrawal of offers and termination of employees already on payroll following the discovery of a discrepancy. 

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Interview Cancellation/Late Arrival/No Show

Cancellations are prohibited without sufficient notice to both the employer and Career Strategies.  If extenuating circumstances result in the need to cancel an interview, a minimum 24 hour notice is required and must be made directly to Career Strategies at 617-552-8833, as well as in writing to the employer with a copy to Career Strategies.  Cancellations may result in the suspension of campus recruiting activities. 

If a candidates is late for an interview, the employer, at his/her discretion may choose not to pursue the applicant's candidacy.

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Offer Policy

Do not accept any job or internship offer if you intend to continue interviewing!  When you accept an offer, you are agreeing to work for that specific organization.  All previously scheduled interviews must be cancelled and candidates are no longer eligible to view or apply for positions sponsored through the MBA Focus and EagleLink campus recruiting systems.  If you receive an offer and are not ready to accept it, speak with a member of the Career Strategies staff about how to handle the situation.  Any candidate who reneges on an accepted offer obtained through campus recruiting may be suspended from all services provided by Career Strategies.

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Work Authorization

To ensure compliance with student visa requirements and Department of Homeland Security rules, international students must inform OISS and Career Strategies before accepting any paid or unpaid U.S.-based job or internship offers. 

Please note: Career Strategies regularly reports student employment data to the Graduate Management Dean and to OISS.

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Continuation of Services
Career Strategies resources are available to all currently enrolled Full-Time MSA, Evening MBA, MSA and MSF students, as well as to alumni of these programs.  Enrolled students in each of these programs enjoy access to the resources, as defined for their program population, throughout their course of study.  Enrolled students convert to alumni status 90 days after graduation or on August 31, whichever comes first. Students who defer graduation or extend their program will have access to enrolled student career services resources for up to 90 days immediately following the original date of graduation or until August 31, whichever comes first. At that time they will convert to alumni status and be eligible for access to alumni career services. Students who add on an additional degree are not renewed access to MBA Focus/GTS. Because the career service needs for each population are unique, customized packages of resource offerings have been designed to best serve the needs of each program. Please visit the Career Strategies office or our website.

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By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that representatives of hiring firms may have access to your resume as well as details of your profile.  Our relationship with employers is that they can search for key words and critical attributes when searching for candidates.

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Campus Recruiting resources are provided for the exclusive use of Boston College students, administrators, faculty and alumni. Sharing of access information beyond the Boston College Community is prohibited and may result in your access being suspended and/or terminated.

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