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Interview Guide

Job interviews provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your outstanding qualities and talk about skills that aren’t on your resume. As you prepare for your next interview, consider a few strategies:

  • Take stock of your knowledge. Identify your areas of expertise and the subjects you know well.

  • Identify your transferable skills. Think about what people ask you to do because they know you can. Figure out your areas of strength, whether they’re cognitive, creative, interpersonal, communicative, organizational, quantitative, sales, technical, or written.

  • Assess your personal qualities and develop asset statements. Write down all the words that describe you. Pick the positive ones and turn them into statements of worth. In developing your statements, keep in mind the employer's needs and how you have proven your ability to meet those kinds of needs in the past. Always look for ways to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

  • Address your weaknesses. Honestly and objectively identify skills or qualities that you lack. Look through old performance reviews and seek input from others. Think of ways that you have been able to turn weaknesses into strengths and how you have learned from past mistakes (with specific examples). Be prepared to address any concerns the interviewer may have.

Arrive at the interview on time, wearing professional attire. Remain positive and enthusiastic, and don’t forget to smile.

Case interviews are used across all industries and job functions.  Successful candidates typically conduct 50+ practice cases before entering the interview room. Give yourself the best chance for success and practice, practice, practice. Here are some resources.

Crack the Case: workshops, interview prep and more.
Case Questions: mock interviews, consultations, etc.
Webinar: “Case Interviewing” featuring Marc Cosentino, 9/15/11.
Perfect Interview™ Online: A simulated interview experience in which you respond to questions in real time.

The Career Development office also conducts mock case interviews. For details, contact Career Development via email at or (617) 552-8833.


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