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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

BC Business Cards Ordering Information

Graduate Management Students are able to order Business Cards through Eagle Print (located on the Boston College campus). To place an order through Eagle Print, please email Richard Crear ( the information below.  In your email, please note that you were referred to him through the GSOM website:

First Name Last Name
2014 MBA Candidiate
(or the appropriate degree: 2013 MSA Candidate, 2013 MSF Candidate)
Telephone Number
BC Email Address

  • Only list one telephone number - no need to specific "cell" or "mobile"
  • When listing your phone number on your business card, please make certain the voicemail greeting on the phone number listed is professional
  • The preferred email address to list is your "friendly" BC email address: /content/bc/offices/help/comm-collab/email/get-started/about.html#abouteaddy
  • There is no need to include a physical mailing address  -  students are strongly advised NOT to use the BC address
  • Personal websites/LinkedIn addresses and social media handles are not encouraged to be listed.  Business cards are about making it easier for the receiver to contact someone.  Less is really more.