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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Matt Taylor ’99, MBA/MSF’04

alumni profile

Matt TaylorAs Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Staples, Inc., Matt Taylor is used to being needled by fellow managers about his methods of recruitment. That's because the employees he attracts to the company often come by way of Chestnut Hill.

"People make fun of me all the time because I'm always pulling in Boston College people here,” says Taylor, “I'm always trying to get BC people through the door.” Taylor, a Triple Eagle, received his BS from the Carroll School (with concentrations in human resource management and marketing), before earning both his MBA and MSF in 2004.

Taylor is not new to retail, having joined the accounting department of Starbucks in Seattle immediately following his 1999 graduation from Boston College. After a two-year stint with Starbucks, Taylor returned to Boston to work for a healthcare company. Once back in Boston, it seemed only a matter of time before Taylor decided to return to BC to pursue his graduate studies.

It was here, while finishing up his dual degrees at the Carroll School, that Taylor (and several of his MBA classmates) was recruited by Staples, the office-supply giant. Taylor says the joint MBA/MSF prepared him well for his current responsibilities at Staples, providing him with a firm grounding in various business functions: from supply chains to marketing to merchandising and other areas. "Corporate finance departments are key business partners with all areas of the company, so it is critical to have a strong understanding of how each group works and how they all impact the overall business strategy," says Taylor, who started at Staples as a senior financial analyst on the corporate financial planning and analysis team.

Based on his own educational experience, Taylor continues to rely on his Boston College connection when recruiting new hires. "We have tons of BC people here," Taylor says, though he is quick to add, "We would never hire someone that we didn't all feel was a perfect candidate. We don't ever make a hiring decision unless a lot of people agree on the individual."

Taylor is also quick to point out that his Staples colleagues from other MBA programs don't seem to pursue fellow alumni as actively as he does. He credits this trait with his undergraduate experience at Boston College, where he was encouraged to connect with alumni who, in turn, helped guide him in establishing a career.

"It's just part of being a BC alum,” says Taylor. “Being part of that network is important. People look at BC with pride and they're open to networking," he says. "I'm at the point that whenever a student contacts me, I chat with them because it's something I want to do. People did it with me."

Taylor also enjoys showing his support for the University in other ways—for example, he participates in career-services panels at the Carroll School, focusing on the job-interview process—and is an avid BC football fan who frequently travels to away games, although with two children and a third on the way, he does less of that now.

"It's natural for me to be part of the BC community forever—I grew up in the community," says Taylor, a Windsor, Connecticut native—referring to the fact that his grandfather and two of his uncles went to Boston College.

"This isn't a two- or four-year thing," he says of the Boston College experience. "Once you become part of the BC family, you're in it for life. And it's a rewarding family to be part of."