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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Alumni Profiles

By joining the Boston College network you are entering a community that includes over 7,700 Carroll School graduate alumni living in over 54 different countries, and a broader network comprised of more than 156,000 boston College alumni located all over the world.


Professional Photo of Eduardo

Eduardo Arango Vélez, MBA/MSF ’14

In today’s challenging economy, finding a job in the United States can be tricky for MBA students from other countries. But Eduardo Arango Velez, who hails from Colombia, faced no such difficulties.

Professional Photo of Meaghan Carey

Meaghan Carey, MBA '11

Meaghan sought an MBA from Boston College to broaden her knowledge base in the management fields and prepare herself to branch out from her career in public accounting. "I credit the coursework at the Carroll School with giving me new ways to look at business problems. The core curriculum introduced me to formal MBA structures and frameworks that you need to attack those problems and find solutions."

Professional Photo of Gagan

Gagan Chawla, MBA '02

In 2002, when Gagan Chawla completed his MBA at the Carroll School, job prospects in his field were bleak. “I graduated during the recession,” he recalls. “Most strategic consulting firms were laying people off, not hiring.”

Professional Photo of Jose

Jose Colin, MBA '13

"I came to Boston College from Mexico City, where I worked in operations for a Mexican transnational company for eight years. When it was time to move to a position with more growth potential, I knew that a graduate degree in business was the best way to complement my work experience."

Professional Photo of Juan

Juan Concepcion, MBA/JD '03

After studying at Boston College Law School, Juan made the decision to expand his knowledge base by pursuing his MBA at the Carroll School. He was able to develop skills here that have helped him in current career and will continue to help him excel in the future. 

Professional Photo of Allison

Allison Gates, MBA'12

When Gates started looking at business schools, Boston College quickly rose to the top of her list. “BC is well known for its program in corporate finance, which is exactly what I was interested in,” she says.

Professional Photo of Joseph

Joseph Hannasch, MBA '11

Joseph Hannasch sought an MBA to acquire business knowledge and facilitate his transition from military to civilian life. The Evening MBA Program allowed him to continue building his resume while working towards his degree. Joseph accepted a position with General Electric while completing the program, where he currently works as a Contracts Manager.

Professional Photo of Ran

Ran Harel, MBA/MSF ’02

“Part of what makes BC unique is how easy it is to form close relationships with students, faculty, and alumni,” says Ran Harel. Nearly a decade after graduating, Harel says he’s in touch regularly with up to 20 classmates from the Carroll School.

Professional Photo of Kristen

Kristen A. Johnson, MBA '05

When Kristen Johnson graduated from Princeton University with a degree in international affairs, she went directly into the world of consulting. For five years, she worked with Fortune 500 companies to build effective institutional websites and other technology solutions.

Professional Photo of Jim

Jim Kaloyanides, MBA ’07

Jim Kaloyanides wasn’t sure what to expect when he started the full-time MBA program at the Carroll School. He was five years out of college and working his way up the corporate ladder at Staples when he decided to head back to school.

Professional Photo of Joanna

Joanna Lippert, MBA '12

After several years in ad sales for the magazine industry, Joanna Lippert was working as the wholesale sales manager for a small boutique chocolate company in New York when she decided it was time to pursue a graduate degree in business.

Professional Photo of Michelle

Michelle Mittelsteadt, MBA ’01

“The Carroll School was a great experience,” says Michelle Mittelsteadt, whose close friends from the 2001 MBA class include godparents of two of her three children. Now she reaches out to undergraduates at BC and other institutions, as a recruiter for her financial-analysis group at Ernst & Young.

Professional Photo of Eric

Eric Nyman, MBA '97

Eric Nyman likes to talk to students at the Carroll School, largely because it allows him to “reconnect with them as a mentor," the way others did for him when he studied at the School. But he also points out, "It helps me to recruit great talent for Hasbro," where he is senior vice president for marketing.

Image of Liz

Liz Rampolla, MBA '13

Liz was drawn to Boston College because of our strong academic reputation and great sense of community. She describes herself as having had a "full-time experience in a part-time setting" here at the Carroll School of Management. 

Professional Photo of Matthew

Matthew A. Rudnick, MBA '04

Matthew A. Rudnick, ‘04 is at the top of his game. He leads business development for MHT Partners, an investment banking firm based in Dallas with offices in Boston, Mass., and previously did the same for Capstone Partners. Much of his career success; however, he attributes not only to luck and hard work, but also having an MBA degree from Boston College.

Professional Photo of Amanda

Amanda Scipione, MBA '07

While attending the part-time MBA program and working for a Boston financial firm, Amanda Scipione was looking to change careers. She credits her successful post-graduation job search to the addition of the Carroll School of Management to her resume, and says the experience “opened my eyes to the power of the Boston College alumni network.”

Professional Photo of Matt

Matt Taylor, MBA/MSF '04

Being a “Double Eagle” was something that Matt never even questioned. After having completed his undergraduate work at Boston College, he knew that completing his graduate work at the Carroll School of Management was the right choice for him. 

Professional Photo of Kristen

Kristen Vicino, MBA '10

As a career-switcher, I wanted to move from a functional role in human resources to a career in general management. Through BC’s recruiting process, I found two opportunities that enabled me to make this transition.



Image of Jill

Jill Glaser, MSF '04

After graduating from Boston College in 2004, Jill found herself working as an Equity Research Associate Analyst at Gredit Suisse in New York. "My experiences at BC proved to be invaluable as I started a career in equity research following completion of the program," Jill said.

Daniel Jones poses outside

Daniel Jones, MSF '13

Daniel Jones, BC MSF '13, chose the BC MSF Program to acquire the skills he needed to work in finance. Learn how the practical experience Daniel gained at the Carroll School prepared him for a successful career in investment banking.

Professional Photo of Khanh

Khanh Ngo, MSF '14

Khanh Ngo, BC MSF ’14, started his career in business development at EMC Corporation, but followed his passion for finance to the Master of Science in Finance Program at Boston College. After sharpening his skills through hands-on experiences in the BC MSF Program, Khanh works as a financial analyst for Analysis Group in Boston.


Professional Photo of Andrew

Andrew Cobb, MSA '07

“As I finished my undergraduate co-op program at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), I realized that an MSA degree would further enhance my technical skills and propel me to the next level in the public accounting field.  At PwC, the senior executives had high regard for the MSA Program at Boston College."

Eben Hutchison, MSA '12

Eben Hutchison, MSA '12

Eben Hutchison, MSA '12, matriculated to the Boston College Carroll School of Management after graduating from the University of Rhode Island, where he majored in accounting. He was looking for a graduate program that would help him obtain the CPA designation and act as a catalyst for his career in public accounting.