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Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs

Waitlist Information

Ways to improve your application:
We encourage you to communicate with us if there are any changes to your application or updated information that you wish to share with the Admissions Committee. Please view our Waitlist web page for more information.

When to expect your enrollment decision:
Unfortunately, there is no specific notification date for waitlisted candidates. The Admissions Committee will revisit the waitlist as we receive enrollment decisions from our admitted candidates and will continue to do so throughout the remaining months of the Admissions cycle.

The amount of waitlisted candidates:
Waitlisted candidates receive their decision on a rolling basis so we are unable to give out a definitive number of applicants who are on the waitlist. The Admissions Committee does not rank waitlisted candidates.

International waitlisted students:
The Admissions Committee takes into consideration the time that it takes for international students to get visa documentation and will do their best to give you a decision with enough time to process any necessary documentation.