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Carroll School of Management

Metin Sengul

associate professor - management and organization department


M.S., Texas A&M University
B.S., M.S., Istanbul Technical University


Professor Metin Sengul studies the interdependence between firms’ internal organizational choices and their product-market competitive behavior and performance. Accordingly, he seeks to understand the contextual determinants of instruments of corporate control and how these instruments influence an organization’s ability to capture value under various threats. He focuses on providing insight into strategic decisions by managers of multiunit-multimarket firms, such as multi-industry firms, business groups, and multinationals.

Professor Sengul is an active member of Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society. Before entering academia, he worked as a freelance consultant, serving primarily the healthcare industry. He also co-founded an advertisement agency, wherein he served as a managing-partner. At the Carroll School he currently teaches the M.B.A. core courses Introduction to Strategic Management and Strategic Management and M.B.A. elective Industry & Competitive Analysis.


  • Associate Editor, Journal of Organization Design
  • Editorial Board, Academy of Management Journal
  • Editorial Board, Academy of Management Review
  • Editorial Board, Global Strategy Journal


  • 2016 The Carroll School Diane Harkins Coughlin and Christopher J. Coughlin Faculty Excellence Award in Graduate Teaching
  • 2013 Finalist, Academy of Management HR Division’s Scholarly Achievement Award
  • 2012 Kelley Research Award
  • 2010 Emerald Citation of Excellence Award
  • 2009 Finalist, Wiley-Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award in Business Policy and Strategy, Academy of Management, Business Policy and Strategy Division


Selected Articles

  • Sengul, M. & Obloj, T. Better safe than sorry: Subsidiary performance feedback and internal governance in multiunit firms. Journal of Management, forthcoming.
  • Battilana, J., Sengul, M., Pache, A.-C., & Model, J. 2015. Harnessing productive tensions in hybrid organizations: The case of work integration social enterprises. Academy of Management Journal, 58(6): 1658-1685.
  • Sengul, M. & Gimeno, J. 2013. Constrained delegation: Limiting subsidiaries' decision rights and resources in firms that compete across multiple industries. Administrative Science Quarterly, 58(3): 420-471.
  • Obloj, T. & Sengul, M. 2012. Incentive life-cycles: Learning and the division of value in firms. Administrative Science Quarterly, 57(2): 305-347.
  • Sengul, M., Gimeno, J., & Dial, J. 2012. Strategic delegation: A review, theoretical integration, and research agenda. Journal of Management, 38(1): 375-414.
  • Rangan, S. & Sengul, M. 2009. The influence of macro structure in the international realm: IGO interconnectedness, export dependence, and immigration links in the foreign market performance of transnational firms. Administrative Science Quarterly, 54(2): 229-267.
  • Rangan, S. & Sengul, M. 2009. Information technology and transnational integration: Theory & evidence on the evolution of modern multinational enterprise. Journal of International Business Studies, 40(9): 1496-1514.
  • Yu, T., Sengul, M., & Lester, R.H. 2008. Misery loves company: The spread of negative impacts resulting from an organizational crisis. Academy of Management Review, 33(2): 452-472.

Selected Teaching Cases

  • “Metal Can and Container Industry in 2014” (with M. Lee), 2015. INSEAD case #01/2015-6111.
  • “IMAX (A): The Introduction of Digital Media Re-Mastering Technology” (with A.T. Venino & J. Gimeno), 2012. INSEAD case #02/2014-5836.
  • “IMAX (B): Ten Years with DMR” (with A.T. Venino & J. Gimeno), 2012. INSEAD case #02/2014-5836.


  • Representative-at-Large, Corporate Strategy Interest Group, Strategic Management Society, 2015-2016
  • Research Committee, Business Policy & Strategy Division, Academy of Management, 2015-2017