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Carroll School of Management

Juan S. Montes

assistant professor of the practice, management and organization department


Ph.D. in Management Sciences, IESE Business School. University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain.
Post Graduate Studies in Economics and Philosophy.
J.D., Universidad de Chile, Chile


Strategy, Strategy Implementation, Organizational Behavior, International Business, and Public Policy.



  • “A field study of heuristics and improvisation in dynamic environments" Already under second revision at the Academy of Management Journal.
  • “Operating under high uncertainty: A field study of the role of routines, heuristics and breaking improvistions”. Working Paper, co-authored with Fernando Suarez, Northeastern University. Presented at DRUID conference, June 16, 2014, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
  • “Environmental Acceleration and Recombinant Routines: Towards a Theory of Dynamic Capabilities”. 2010. Working Paper with Fernando Suarez, Boston University.
  • Strategic Alliances: Managing partner relationships,” with Africa Ariño; Icade, N° 48. Sept 1999. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de la Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Madrid, España.
  • Strategic Alliances: Let your alliances breath,” with Africa Ariño, Harvard-Deusto Business Review Feb 2001.
  • “Complex Organizing: The case of climbing Mount Everest,” with Jose Luis Alvarez. Presented at the Seminar EISAM-London School of Economics, “Complexity and Organizations,” Brussels, June, 1999.
  • Doctoral Thesis: “An evolutionary approach to organizing. Ethnography based on mount Everest expeditions,” June 2004, IESE Business School, Spain.
  • “Myth and Logos: The Rhetoric of Organizing,” 1999. Working Paper, IESE Business School, Organizational Theory.
  • “Living on the Edge,” Research Paper. IESE Business School, Research Division, 1999, Strategy and Organizational Theory.
  • “Cognition on the edge,” IESE Business School, Research Division. Paper presented in the 7th Workshop on Managerial and Organizational Cognition, EIASM, Barcelona, June 2000.
  • “The battle for control: The case of Enersis’ Acquisition. Working Paper, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 1999. Presented at the IberoAmerican Academy or Management Conference, Madrid, December 1999.

Business Cases:

  • “McDonalds Ukraine, stay or leave”. Boston University School of Manangement. With Yoo-Taek Lee and David Nersessian. International Business and Strategy.
  • “Farggi,” Barcelona Management Review, Nov 1997. Strategies for high growth; franchise.
  • “Data General: In the soul of the new machine,” IESE Research Division 2000, Change management, organizational design, culture, leadership.
  • “Namhex” Cases A, B, C and D. IESE Research Division 1998, with Africa Ariño. Strategic alliance between Coca Cola and Nestle.
  • “Fede,” Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 2001, Rev 2009. Strategy, strategy implementation and control.
  • “Lan: Cloudy skies” Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 2006. Strategy, strategy implementation, cognition and processes.
  • “Lan: Clear skies” (B case). Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 2007. Strategy, strategy implementation, cognition and processes.

Teaching Notes:

  • “Negotiating Strategic Alliances,” IESE Research Division 1998.
  • “Developing Strategic Alliances,” IESE Research Division 1998.
  • “Managing Partner Relations”. IESE Research Division 1998.
  • “The Resource-Based View of the Firm Perspective,” Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 2003.
  • “Economics of information,” Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Business School, 2003. Rev 2007.


  • Governor (“Intendente”) of Los Lagos Region, in the South of Chile (2010-2012). Nominated by President Sebastian Piñera to head the local government in one of the largest and most prosperous administrative regions of the country. Governors in Chile are the head of all public services and public programs in the region, manage the budget and public investments (1bn USD) and are in responsible for order and security in the region. In case of emergencies or conflicts, they represent the President, and are in charge of negotiations (i.e. unions, fisheries).
  • CEO of Aquachile & Salmofood, 2003-2006. Aquachile is a world leading firms in salmon production with 1,500 employees, and sales over 230MM USD, and Salmofood is a fish feed producer with with 350 employees, and sales over 100MM USD at that time. Both companies are part of the Salmon industry, that represents $3.8BN of exports for the country, and one of the most innovative and rapid growth industries in the Chilean economy.
  • Consultant for more than 50 companies in Europe and Latin America during the last 15 years. Customer include, La Caixa, Ford, ING, Telefonica, Kimberly Clark, Johnson & Johnson Medical, and Government of Chile. Partner and founder of Companion Consulting, a firm specialized in Business Strategy consulting focusing in retail, utilities and financial services. Entrepreneur in tourism, real state (developer of residential properties). Past member of the board of several companies in aquaculture, tourism and real state.
  • Lawyer, JD. Tax and Corporate Law practice (1990-1995).
  • Authored more than 200 publications in Newspapers and Magazines in topics ranging from strategy to public policy.
  • Sports. Professional Mountain Climber. Leader of more than 30 expeditions to the Himalayas, Andes, Patagonia, Yosemite, and the Alps. In 1992 climbed mount Everest by one of the hardest routes (Kangshung face), only climbed once before. To date (2015), only three expeditions have summited through this route.