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Carroll School of Management

Richard McGowan, SJ

adjunct associate professor - finance department

Richard McGowan, SJ

Richard McGowan, SJ is an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Carroll School of Management and an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Economics Department in the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston College. He is also a Research Associate at Harvard Medical, Division on Addictions. The focus of his research is on the interaction of the Business and Public Policy processes especially, as they relate to the gambling, tobacco, and alcohol industries.

Father McGowan has published five books entitled: State Lotteries and Legalized Gambling: Painless Revenue or Painful Mirage Quorum Books (October,1994) Business, Politics and Cigarettes: Multiple Levels, Multiple Agendas Greenwood Press (September, 1995); Industry as a Player in the Social and Political Arenas, Quorum Press (June, 1996) and The Search for Revenue and the Common Good: An Analysis of Government Regulation of the Alcohol Industry, Prager Books (May, 1997). Government and the Transformation of the Gaming Industry, Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., July, 2001.He has also published 48 referred articles in various academic journals and made over eighty academic and professional presentations.

Father McGowan is currently completing two book projects Dividing the Spoils: States and the Gambling Industry, estimated publication date of mid- 2006. He is also completing a book on the interaction of government with the Accounting Industry with Professor Trompeter of BC Accounting Department.

Father McGowan has been given numerous teaching awards at Boston College where he has taught Statistics, Business Forecasting and Strategic Management. Recently, he was voted the Best Professor Award by the Honor Program of the Carroll School of Management. He has resided in a freshman dorm for the past twenty-two years, a new form of Jesuit missionary activity! He serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts' Compulsive Gambling Council as well a consultant to numerous lottery and gaming commissions. For the past three summers, he has taught Economic and Business Forecasting at the University of Central America in San Salvador, El Salvador. Father McGowan has been a weekend assistant at St. Mary's parish in Winchester for the past twelve years as well as conducting the 9pm Liturgy in Walsh Hall at Boston College for all twenty years. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors at both St.Joseph's University (1990-1999) and Canisius College (1994-2000).


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