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Carroll School of Management

Scott F. McDermott

lecturer - business law and society department

Professor Scott McDermott is a Lecturer of Management Practice and directs programs in experiential learning, business consulting, and high performing teams. Professor McDermott has enjoyed an academic and professional affiliation with the Carroll School of Management and Boston College’s MBA Program since 1984. He is an expert in the multi- disciplinary aspects of management with a focus on business performance improvement, transformative change, and executive coaching. As a business school professor, operating executive, business development leader, corporate lawyer, and trusted-advisor, Professor McDermot has spent over 30 years working closely with growth companies, business owners, management teams, and investing organizations.

Professor McDermott teaches or coordinates the following courses and programs:

  • The DNA of Business: A Simulated Experience (MBA Program): A pioneering course using a sophisticated, market-leading business simulation platform to create a realistic, engaging, and hands-on learning experience. Students serve as senior executives focused on planning and executing a multi-year, global business strategy in a highly-competitive market. The course adopts a cross-disciplinary, integrated management approach as students gain deep insights into managing product development, multi-national operations, marketing penetration, financial strategy, and the gaining of competitive advantage. 
  • High Performing Teams (MBA Program): An elective exploring the dynamics of building and managing high performing teams in a fast-paced, constantly changing business world. High performing organizations increasingly rely on teams to drive innovation, manage multi-disciplinary projects, and accelerate change. The course focuses on the question: “why do some teams outperform past performance, outperform their competitors, or outperform business expectations . . . and why do other teams struggle and even fail?” 
  • MPRX: The MBA Management Practice Experience (MBA Program): MPRX has a long heritage as the principal experiential learning program in which MBA consulting teams engage in real-time, real world strategy, operations, marketing, and finance projects for prominent public corporations and middle market sponsors. Each project focuses on an authentic business challenge requiring the MBA team to apply skills and knowledge in management specialties and cross- functional applications. Each team is responsible for analyzing a major challenge, recommending and planning the implementation of actionable change, and delivering sound solutions meeting the project sponsor’s business needs and goals. 
  • The Diane Weiss Competition (MBA Program): The endowed Diane Weiss Competition is the capstone event of the first year full-time MBA Program. Established in 1980, the competition provides a forum for the students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and insights acquired throughout the academic year. 
  • The Consulting Clinic (Undergraduate Management): A course combining classroom learning and an action-based experience as a management consultant for a prominent non-profit organization. The ‘classroom component’ focuses on the principles, methodology, and tools used by management consultants to analyze problems, develop solutions, and implement and manage change for the better. The class studies consultative skills, project management, client management, teamwork, and presentation skills. The ‘field service’ component brings students together in teams to work with clients on its management challenges and opportunities. The course advances the paradigm: Management in Service. 
  • Business Solutions Consulting (MSA Program): A broad-based business course for graduate students in accounting examining business systems and business performance through the lens of: business thought leaders; professional management consultants; successful Chief Executive Officers; and outperforming public companies. The course is an immersion into the mindsets, techniques, and approaches utilized by these thinkers, business leaders, and trusted advisors. 
  • The Warren Buffett Experience (MBA Program): A program consisting of three day trip to Omaha punctuated by a 2.5 hour Q&A session with Warren Buffett. 20 MBA students, led by Professor McDermott, also visit with executives from two Berkshire Hathaway portfolio companies. Students prepare for the ‘adventure’ by reading and discussing a series of articles and past BH investment letters. 

Professionally, Professor McDermott serves as an independent management consultant and strategic business advisor. His consulting work focuses on helping small and middle-market companies plan and execute C4B (change for better) initiatives, I2 (innovate and improve) business performance improvement initiatives, and other strategies designed to build competitive advantage. Professor McDermott often serves as an executive coach and trusted advisor to presidents and executive teams of small businesses. Recently Scott has developed a series of action-based edutainment programs for corporations to enhance organizational achievement, innovation, and team performance. From 2013 to 2015, Professor McDermott served as a Principal Consultant to the PasaporteN innovation and internationalization program in Medellin, Colombia, sponsored by RutaN, a driving force of the city’s innovation community.

Professor McDermott is a Managing Director of New Harbour Partners LLC–a Wellesley, Massachusetts, based capital investment partnership focused on investment, acquisition and business advisory opportunities in emerging businesses with compelling growth and value creation potential. He applies his experience, insights, and skills in deal sourcing, due diligence, transactions, and governance to the New Harbour Partners’ portfolio.

Professor McDermott has been the elected Town Moderator of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts, for 15 years, and has served on the Board of Directors of multiple non-profit organizations.

Professor McDermott is a graduate of Colby College and Boston College Law School. He is an avid runner, hiker, skier, and tennis player. He is married with 3 grown children. He enjoys reading history and biography, and he is active in community and civic affairs.