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Carroll School of Management

Lyndon Garrett

assistant professor - management and organization department


Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Michigan
B.S. in Management, Brigham Young University


Dr. Garrett's interests involve observing and analyzing social processes of human connection in moments of interaction. Specifically, to understand how organizations can create contexts that promote the experience of genuine, meaningful, and energizing connections, especially in the face of organizational characteristics that often inhibit such connection (e.g., competitive dynamics, impersonal roles, and norms of professionalism). Theoretically, his interests draw from intra- and inter-personal theories of workplace relationships, group and team dynamics, identification, meaning, and thriving. The analytic focus is on moments of interaction, drawing primarily on qualitative approaches to observe naturally occurring behavior. Dr. Garrett tends to explore unique contexts with an eye towards finding and unpacking in these cases lessons that can inform organizations more generally.


Refereed Journal Publications

  • Garrett, L.E., Spreitzer, G.M., & Bacevice, P.A. (2017). “Co-constructing a sense of community at work: The emergence of community in coworking spaces.” Organization Studies, online first.
    Earlier version published in the Academy of Management Proceedings, Vol. 2014, No. 1.
  • LeBaron, C., Christianson, M.K., Garrett, L.E., & Ilan, R. (2016). “Coordinating flexible performance during everyday work: An ethnomethodological study of handoff routines.” Organization Science, 27(3):514-534.
  • Cohen, M.D., Ilan, R., Garrett, L.E., LeBaron, C., & Christianson, M. K. (2012). “The earlier the longer: Disproportionate time allocated to patients discussed early in attending physician handoff sessions.” JAMA Internal Medicine, 172(22): 1762-1764. 

Additional Publications

  • Spreitzer, G.M., Cameron, L., & Garrett, L.E. (2017). “Alternative Work Arrangements: Two Images of the New World of Work”. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 4: 473-499.
  • Spreitzer, G.M., Garrett, L.E., & Bacevice, P.A. (2015). Should your Company Embrace Coworking? MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(1): 27-29.
  • Spreitzer, G.M., Bacevice, P.A., & Garrett, L.E. (2015). “Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces”. Harvard Business Review, 93(9): 28-30. 

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Spreitzer, G., Bacevice, P.A., & Garrett, L.E. (2017). “Coworking Communities as Enablers of Thriving at Work”. In C. Cooper, & M. Leiter (Eds.) Routledge Companion to Well-Being at Work. New York: Routledge.
  • Garrett, L.E., Klemme, A., Wilkins, A.L. (2014). “Related Constructs and Measures from Beyond the Field of Ethics.” In B.R. Agle, D.W. Hart , J.A. Thompson, & H.M. Hendricks (Eds.), Research Companion To Ethical Behavior In Organizations: Constructs and Measures. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Garrett, L.E. (2014). “Moral Emotions and Emotional Dispositions”. In B.R. Agle, D.W. Hart , J.A. Thompson, & H.M. Hendricks (Eds.), Research Companion To Ethical Behavior In Organizations: Constructs and Measures. Edward Elgar Publishing

Selected Working Manuscripts

  • Spreitzer, G.M., Garrett, L.E., & Bacevice, P.B. (in submission). “Workspace Design and Human Thriving”. Chapter in Ayoko & Ashkanasy (Eds.) Organizational Behavior and the Physical Environment. Routledge.
  • Garrett, L.E. (friendly review stage). “Actors at play: Cultivating mutuality in role performance”. Target: ASQ. Garrett, L.E. (friendly review stage). With me and against me: High quality connections in competition. Target: Organization Science.
  • Garrett, L.E. (writing stage). Toward a theory of mutuality in organizations. Target: Academy of Mgmt Review.
  • Cameron, L.D., Spreitzer, G.M., & Garrett, L.E. (literature review stage). “Contingent, Contract, and Alternative Work Arrangements”. Invited submission for Oxford Bibliographies in Management.
  • Bacevice, P.A., Spreitzer, G.M., & Garrett, L.E. (data collection stage). “The coworking experience: Why independent workers are thriving in coworking spaces”. Target: Academy of Mgmt Discoveries.
  • Sandelands, L.E., Worline, M.C., Garrett, L.E., & Sonday, L. (literature review stage). “Designing for Being: Reanimating the experience of work”. Target: Journal of Management.