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EagleEyes Winter 2004 Newsletter

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Welcome Maureen Gates!
Maureen Gates may seem like a familiar face. She has worked with the EagleEyes project for the past 10 years, although in a different capacity. With the departure of Marialice Curran, Maureen has taken on a new role within the EagleEyes program. The B.E.A.T. recently had a chance to sit down and chat with Maureen about her new position.

Ken Carpenter: Connected despite ALS
For Ken Carpenter, the Camera Mouse was a link to his past. In late 2000, Ken was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS patients lose control of voluntary movement due to a progressive wasting away of certain nerve cells.

Irish Education Minister tours EagleEyes facilities
The Irish Minister of Education, Noel Dempsey, recently traveled to the U.S. to sign an International Accord on Education. On his way back from Washington, he made sure he visited a place he had heard much about: Boston College. One of the highlights of the Minister’s stay was his visit to the EagleEyes facilities.

New EagleEyes program
A new EagleEyes project endeavors to provide those with limited voluntary movement the opportunity to communicate through the computer.


Winter 2004 Newsletter
Winter 2004 Newsletter
  Download the entire Winter 2004 B.E.A.T. newsletter in PDF format.
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EagleEyes: New friends, new perspectives
EagleEyes: New friends, new perspectives
  Matty Galligan has accomplished much. Many could extol his academic talents: He is an excellent student, who enjoys history and geography. He can do math problems in his head. But among the EagleEyes buddies, Matty is known for his other talents. Matty is exceptionally good at EagleEyes video games.