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EagleEyes Winter 2002 Newsletter

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Dr. DiMattia: what’s next?
“Now that we’re past many of the technological hurdles, we’re moving into the second phase of the EagleEyes project: educational application. This phase involves several objectives, many of which are centered on raising the consciousness of a world population who could benefit from this technology.”

Testing the limits
Unlike most 17 year olds, Matt Galligan makes his football picks by moving his eyes. Flanked by Boston College football player Haven Perkins and BC student, Kyle Novellano, Matt concentrates on moving the cursor across a large projected computer screen toward his chosen team. Some of the people around him protest, unhappy with the teams he has picked. Matt just laughs; a major sports fan, his team loyalties are firm and he won’t be swayed by the peer pressure around him.

Chance meeting sparked EagleEyes’ international launch
For most kids, a trip to Disney World in Florida is a vacation of fun and amusement park adventure. For Sian Boyd O’Toole, a student at the Holly Bank Trust School in West Yorkshire, England, a trip to Disney World meant a chance meeting that would permanently change her life and the lives of others around her.

Camera Mouse gains commercial licensing agreement
CM Solutions, Inc., a technical start-up company in Dallas, Texas recently obtained an exclusive licensing agreement with Boston College.

In step with Marialice Curran
Marialice Curran, a teacher at the Campus School at Boston College, works closely with students who use EagleEyes and Camera Mouse equipment. With her help and encouragement, students are able to interact with their environment and work towards individual education goals.



Winter 2002 Newsletter
Winter 2002 Newsletter
  Download the entire Winter 2002 B.E.A.T. newsletter in PDF format.
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Donor Spotlight
Donor Spotlight
  Joe Recomendes ’66 and his wife Suzanne have been major contributors to EagleEyes, enabling the program to expand and reach more students. In a recent interview Joe explains the Recomendes’ special connection to the project.