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EagleEyes Summer 2007 Newsletter


Derek's Journey
Derek is a five year-old boy with the sweetest disposition and the most beautiful eyes. I do not know what qualified our family as worthy to care for him.

Josh Travels the Globe
Josh Giorgi, 21, just returned from a class trip to Jamaica where he learned about the country’s music, food, culture, and history, all without leaving his classroom in Plymouth, MA.

“All children learn as naturally as they breathe”
Campus School Director Dr. DiMattia’s personal reflection about his EagleEyes experience for the past 12 plus years.

A Trip to Utah
This spring, Sean Santry completed a whirlwind EagleEyes training tour across Utah. He demonstrated EagleEyes to users and school staff to bring everyone up to speed on the technology.

BYU Teacher Candidates Trained on EagleEyes
This article was written by Dr. Tina Taylor Dyches, Associate Professor of Special Education at the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University.



Summer 2007 Newsletter
Winter 2006 Newsletter
  Download the entire Summer 2007 B.E.A.T. newsletter in PDF format.
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Kathrin and Mike: EagleEyes Partners

Kathrin, Mike
  Kathrin Ress and Michael Nash working together this spring.


Dr. D retires from the Campus School
Dr. Philip A. DiMattia
  Dr. Philip A. DiMattia recently retired as Director of the Campus School.