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EagleEyes Summer 2004 Newsletter

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Northern Ireland Embraces CameraMouse
The B.E.A.T. welcomes guest writer Alan Nixon, who provides an update on events in Northern Ireland. Alan heads the Northern Ireland CameraMouse Steering Group.

Getting What You Want
In learning any skill, one must master the basics before moving to advanced work. With the help of teacher Maureen Gates, students in the Campus School work through a number of computer programs that teach them the basics of using EagleEyes or CameraMouse.

Recent Presentations
At the invitation of the sponsoring organizations we recently gave presentations on the EagleEyes Project at the United Cerebral Palsy national conference in Boston in April and at the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy national workshop in Schaumburg, Illinois in June.

Financial Cost Analysis
When a student is trying EagleEyes or CameraMouse we often are asked by the school system, “How much money is this really going to cost us?” And rightly so. To begin to answer this question we recently looked in detail at the total education costs for two students, one who uses EagleEyes and one who uses CameraMouse.


Summer 2004 Newsletter
Winter 2004 Newsletter   Download the entire Summer 2004 B.E.A.T. newsletter in PDF format.
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What EagleEyes Means to Us ...
  The Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy newsletter recently featured a mother's letter discussing her son’s success in using EagleEyes. The letter was so inspiring, The B.E.A.T. decided to ask Patty Bottone about her son's experiences with EagleEyes.