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EagleEyes Summer 2002 Newsletter

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Students help children of Afghanistan
Actions speak louder than words. For Krissy Zitola and Lindsay Peterson, two severely disabled Campus School students who are unable to speak or walk, this old saying is especially true. That’s why the pair teamed up to create note cards that were sold to raise money for the children of Afghanistan.

Circuit boards and other connectors
Boston College faculty member Bill Ames has been contributing his unique expertise in analog and digital systems to make important improvements to the EagleEyes technology.

It only gets better!
Last year, CM Solutions, a technical start-up company in Dallas, Texas obtained an exclusive licensing agreement with Boston College to market Camera Mouse products. While this was good news for the company, no one seems to be resting on their laurels. Instead, CM Solutions has invested in additional research and development of the product, making a number of key improvements.

Student ambassadors bring EagleEyes to Iceland!
While the people of Reykjavik, Iceland may only be getting about four hours of daylight each day in January, they certainly aren’t being kept in the dark. Anna Soffia Oskarsdottir found out about EagleEyes technology via the EagleEyes website. One communication led to another and soon individuals and families of Fulloroins fraedsla fatladra, a special education center for adult education, wanted to try the system out for themselves.

Boston College and Children’s Hospital Boston launch Project TEAM
Project TEAM (Technology, Education, and Medicine) is a major new collaborative effort between Boston College and Children’s Hospital Boston. The project will create a unique environment for preschool children with cerebral palsy and severe communication challenges by giving them access to the latest advances in assistive technology, education, and medicine.

Campus School hosts semi-formal
Wednesday, April 10th was a special night for many of the students at Boston College’s Campus School. Lindsay Peterson, 19, was no exception. Her slight frame dressed in a shimmering blue, Lindsay was escorted to the festivities by her BC EagleEyes Buddy, Joe Forte.

In step with South Shore Educational Collaborative
As EagleEyes and Camera Mouse technology is adopted into curricula both nationally and internationally, usage of the system is evolving. South Shore Educational Collaborative (SSEC) has been using the technology since September 2001. In a recent interview, The B.E.A.T. talked with two teachers at SSEC, Susan Donovan and Jennifer Edge, to get a sense of how the school is working to maximize their students’ learning potential through the use of assistive technology.



Summer 2002 Newsletter
Summer 2002 Newsletter
  Download the entire Summer 2002 B.E.A.T. newsletter in PDF format.
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Student Spotlight
Student Spotlight
  Joanna is a 36 year old student at the Holly Bank School in West Yorkshire, England. She has been using Camera Mouse for the past 10 weeks. Since starting to use the system, her care-giver, Lance has noticed subtle changes in Joanna’s behavior. She has become more communicative and more interested in her environment.