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EagleEyes Downloads

EagleEyes Downloads for Windows

EagleEyes Downloads for Mac

The EagleEyes 2012 Manual separately.

Aliens and Paint. These are a simple shoot the Aliens video game program and a Paint program that work well with Eagle Eyes. No clicking required.

Alpine Slopes skiing game. Here by popular demand (Debbie's Favorite), but this may or may not work on your computer.

Applications for Kids

ZAC Browser is designed for autistic children but is fun for all children.  It contains music-making and short videos and games and other software that work well with Camera Mouse all within one free downloadable framework.

Clicker by Crick Software is a popular commercial product for education and communication that allows you to use thousands of different onscreen grids or create your own. 

Planet Wobble is a series of talking books based on Clicker.

For teaching cause and effect see the free software at the Priory Woods website.

Other Sports Illustrated Kids Sports Games (Some work with just the mouse). learn to read website.

Headsprout (Good site to use following Aliens and Paint but just the first few uses are free).

Try the many free games at  In the EagleEyes window you can set the Dwell Time to 0.2 seconds and center the game on the screen and set the Excluded percents so that the mouse pointer is restricted to the region of the screen that contains the game.

U.S.A. Geography Site

Nick Jr. Games (Diego's Puzzle Pyramid, Max Bowling, Dora's Bingo).

Funschool Basketball Shooting Hoops

CD-based software that that can be purchased from Amazon: IntelliTools:Living Book Series                                           Fisher Price: Big Action Construction                                     Disney's Winnie the Pooh Toddler / Preschool

Applications for Adults who know how to read

Staggered Speech is a free two-level onscreen keyboard program for spelling and speaking messages that works well with EagleEyes.  It's good for new EagleEyes users to start with Staggered Speech and then perhaps try Midas Touch.

Midas Touch is a free onscreen keyboard program for spelling and speaking messages that works well with EagleEyes for users who have a high degree of accuracy with EagleEyes.

Click-N-Type virtual keyboard by Lake Software.  Click-N-Type is a free, fully adjustable, resizable, customizable onscreen keyboard that works wwith EagleEyes.  It allows you to use EagleEyes to type in to Notepad or Word or email.  But it requires a high degree of proficiency with EagleEyes.

Dasher is a totally different type of onscreen spelling program that works with EagleEyes.  Very inventive.  You might want to give it a try.

The Stuart House portico on the Law School campus

Get contact information to learn more about the EagleEyes and Camera Mouse systems here.