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About EagleEyes

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EagleEyes is a technology developed at Boston College that allows a person to control the computer just by moving the eyes. The technology has found its major application in helping people with severe physical disabilities, people who cannot speak and who can reliably move only their eyes. The people we work with may have severe cerebral palsy or have been born with a congenital brain disorder or suffered traumatic brain injury, for example from automobile or drowning accidents.

We have had some successes helping people who have no other way to communicate with the world. The people we work with are remarkable human beings. They often have the double whammy of a severe physical disability and of being treated by other people as if they have no intelligence, of not being fully human, because they are “locked in” and have had no way to communicate. They have much to teach the rest of us about the sources of courage and happiness, of what it means to be human.