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Carroll School of Management

Business Analytics Co-Concentration

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What is Analytics/Data Science?

Business analytics is a collection of tools and techniques to turn data into insight for business decision-making.

Analytics Magazine regularly features applications of analytics. The BC library has a subscription, so you can access it through that website (search for “analytics journal”) if you have difficulty browsing it directly.

What skills do I need?

The most important skill to have is an aptitude for problem solving. Some skills that are nice to have are familiarity with:

  • Programming (Python is the most commonly used general-purpose language and is taught in CSCI 1101 Computer Science I. It is free.)
  • Statistical software (R is the most widely used statistical software and is taught in Business Analytics and Intelligence ISYS 6640, which is a required course for the Business Analytics co-concentration, and in Marketing Information Analytics MKTG 6620.  It’s free, and the interface R Studio (also free) can make getting started a little easier.)
  • Visualization software (Both Python and R have great visualization capabilities; Tableau is a standalone product that you can get a free student license for, and you’ll find that you can teach yourself a lot.)  [ISYS Class next spring.]
  • Getting data from databases (Database Systems and Applications ISYS 3257, an elective for the Business Analytics co- concentration, teaches relational databases and structured query language SQL.)
What kind of things can I do with skills in analytics?

Analytics has a wide range of applications. The tools you learn in the Business Analytics co-concentration apply not only to traditional business problems but to any issue of interest where data is collected. Below are a few examples.

How can I practice my analytics skills?

There are lots of competitions and hackathons for students to practice their analytics skills, and experience with these can help to bulid students' résumés.

Found a good resource that should be listed here?  Email Stephanie Jernigan.