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Carroll School of Management

Operations Management

The Operations Management Department consists of dedicated teachers and scholars in two mutually supportive disciplines:

Operations Management is a broad and multi-dimensional business area. A highly integrative discipline, Operations Management determines how an organization executes on its mission and goals. Operations Management is both an art and a science, tying together quantitative analytical skills with cognitive problem solving. All organizations, regardless of industry, size, or operating environment generate and manage large volumes of data and information that, used well, inform the decision making and competitive capabilities of the enterprise. The emerging area of Business Analytics is focused on using business data to examine what already happened, to determine or predict what will happen, and to explore or model what should happen. Successful managers across functional areas, whether finance, marketing, operations, human resources, or information systems, need to be able to understand and utilize business analytics methodologies in order to manage and lead effectively.

Coursework in these areas is suitable for those pursuing careers in consulting, financial services, healthcare services, retail, transportation, technology, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Courses in our disciplines both intersect with and transcend the usual functional areas and are appropriate for those with primary interests in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Computer Science or Human Resource Management.

Our faculty are dedicated teachers, and productive researchers with many and varied accomplishments. In addition to the traditional blend of case study, lecture and text to structure and frame topics and discussion, faculty often integrate members of the business community into the classroom experience through an impressive roster of executive presentations and course projects at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  

Professors interacting with others

Department faculty equips students with the necessary quantitative and analytical skills, tools, knowledge and decision-making capabilities needed to excel in primary functional areas within any organization.


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