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Carroll School of Management


Management and Leadership
Management and Leadership (A&S and LSOE minor)

Leadership and Management


Management and Leadership – Undergraduate

The Management and Leadership concentration will help develop and enhance your ability to lead and manage people and organizations. These skills are highly desired by virtually all potential employers, making the Management and Leadership concentration beneficial to all Carroll School undergraduates.

Upon completing the concentration, students will (1) demonstrate an appreciation for the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership; (2) identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others; and (3) demonstrate skills of effective leadership.

In addition to taking MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior - Honors, the concentration requires MGMT2127 Leadership and three electives. Two electives in particular are highly recommended for this concentration: MGMT2123 Negotiation and MGMT2137 Managing Diversity.

Required of all concentrators:
MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior – Honors

MGMT2127 Leadership

Three Electives Chosen from the Following:
MGMT2110 Human Resource Management


MGMT2111 Ethical Leadership Skills


MGMT2119 Communication and Personal Branding


MGMT2123 Negotiation


MGMT2130 Leading Change in Organizations


MGMT2131 Special Topics: Crisis Leadership


MGMT2133 Leading High Performance Teams


MGMT2135 Managing Your Career


MGMT2137 Managing Diversity


MGMT2139 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship


MGMT2140 International Management


MGMT2145 Environmental Management


MGMT2150 Special Topics: Transitions: Learning How to Learn in the World of  Business


MGMT2170 Entrepreneurial Management


MGMT2265 Globalization, Culture, and Ethics


MGMT2270 Ethics and Public Policy


MGMT4901 Independent Study (by permission of instructor)


UNAS5548  Leadership and Mindfulness

A Minor in Management and Leadership – Arts and Sciences and Lynch School of Education Undergraduates

A minor in Management and Leadership is offered to students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Lynch School of Education who are interested in pursuing management careers. This minor focuses on the behavioral side of management by offering courses designed to increase students’ knowledge of leadership and management and build skills in these areas. Students must complete six courses offered by the Management and Organization Department.The Management and Leadership minor will help students develop and enhance their ability to lead and manage people and organizations.  More specifically, students will (1) develop an appreciation for the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership; (2) identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others; and (3) demonstrate effective leadership and management skills. The minor is completed by taking two required courses and four MGMT electives.

Required Courses:
MGMT1021 Organizational Behavior or MGMT1031 Organizational Behavior – Honors

MGMT2127 Leadership                                                               

Four Additional Electives (Any MGMT Course)

The Management and Leadership minor prepares students for managerial roles in corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The common thread is managing people. In addition, the concentration provides excellent preparation for a career in management consulting, which focuses on diagnosing and solving management problems in client organizations. Sophomores and juniors who wish to minor in Management and Leadership must complete an application, available either in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the office of the Dean of the Lynch School of Education, or the Management and Organization Department. A completed application should be submitted to the Management and Organization Department by October 15 for the following year. Students are expected to have a 3.5 or higher GPA.  Students will be notified shortly thereafter if they have been accepted into the minor.

Click here for application form

Leadership and Management - MBA

With rapid and dramatic change permeating today's organizational landscape the ability to lead and manage people and organizations is especially important in all sectors and industries. Leaders confront a series of challenges including globalization, outsourcing and offshoring, mergers and acquisitions, shifting market boundaries, new regulatory requirements, an increasingly diverse workforce, and pressure to innovate at an ever more rapid pace. The specialization is appropriate for people who want to 1) build on their technical/functional skills and assume greater responsibility for leadership and management in their organizations, 2) start new entrepreneurial organizations, or 3) work as consultants to other organizations. Courses in the specialization are also a powerful complement to traditional functional area expertise in corporate finance, brand and product management, financial services, and entrepreneurship or global management.

Upon completing the specialization, students will (1) demonstrate a solid grasp of the theoretical and managerial aspects of leadership, (2) develop an understanding of the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership, and (3) identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others.

Required Courses, one of the following:
MGMT8103 Principled Leadership

MGMT8115 Women and Leadership

At Least Five Electives Chosen from the Following: 
(excluding the one taken to meet the Leadership course requirement above)

MGMT8101 Managing Global Competition in the 21st Century

MGMT8102 Managing Organizational Change

MGMT8103 Leadership 

MGMT8104 Nonprofit Management

MGMT8106 Strategic Planning and Implementation

MGMT8107 Industry and Competitive Analysis

MGMT8110 Small Business Strategy

MGMT8112 Negotiation

MGMT8112 Negotiation

MGMT8114 Strategy for Pharma and Bio-Technology

MGMT8115 Women and Leadership

MGMT8117 Environmental Management

MGMT8119 Managing Creativity and Innovation

MGMT8120 Leading Healthcare Organizations in the 21st Century

MGMT8121 Leadership Workshop

MGMT8128 Human Resource Analytics

MGMT8130 Career Mgmt & Work-Life Planning

MGMT8136 Entrepreneurial Management

MGMT8137 Strategic Deal-making

MGMT8139 Special Topics: Cross-Border Strategic Alliances

MGMT8140 Social Entrepreneurship

MGMT8140 Social Entrepreneurship

With approval from the specialization advisor, relevant 600-level MB courses and 800-level courses outside of MGMT can also be counted towards the specialization's elective requirement.

A competency assignment will be conducted for this specialization.



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