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Carroll School of Management

International Marketing

According to Johny K. Johansson in Global Marketing (3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2003), a marketing manager in today’s global market must be more than just a functional specialist; global marketing managers must develop skills to better understand the global marketplace and develop effective strategies. A global marketing manager has three different tasks: foreign entry, local marketing abroad and global management. Usually, global marketing managers start their careers by evaluating the new foreign markets they wish to enter. The next step in the typical career path of a global marketing manager is to manage the marketing in a particular foreign market. The last stage of the typical career path is coordinating global marketing efforts from the company’s center of operations. Global marketing managers may spend time abroad in order to learn more about the competitive atmosphere and cultural differences of a particular foreign country. While global marketing managers are pioneers in the sense that they embark on new opportunities and must be open-minded, it is imperative that they exercise caution. Antiglobalization concerns in many parts of the world result in environments that are hostile to foreign entrants.

Suggested Courses

  • MKTG2152 Consumer Behavior (Fall/Spring: 3)
  • MKTG3157 Professional Selling & Sales Management (Spring: 3)

Faculty Advisor

Vicky Crittenden

Vicky Crittenden
Associate Professor
BA, Lyon College
MBA, University of Arkansas
DBA, Harvard Business School