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Carroll School of Management

Digital Innovation Workshop 2016

The Boston College Carroll School of Management Digital Innovation Workshop brings together cutting edge researchers for a series of short presentations and discussions about early stage research. We focus on high-quality interaction at a lively pace.

Digital Innovation Workshop 2016 Details:

Date: May 12, 2016

Workshop Location:

Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Fulton Hall ( Signs will be in the building entrances to direct you to the Lynch Center on the 5th floor.


  • Breakfast: Coffee, tea and continental breakfast will be available at 9:00 outside the workshop room.
  • Lunch: We'll have lunch in the workshop area.
  • Dinner: At the Boston College Club downtown at 100 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110 ( Club dress code is business casual. The club has your name for access.


  • Driving: If you are driving to BC, please park in visitor parking which is located in the garage on Beacon St. near Alumni Stadium. A general link to BC parking information is here: (/offices/transportation/visitor.html). We will have parking passes available at the workshop after you arrive. Take a ticket when you arrive; the pass isn't needed until you leave the garage. 
  • Drop off: If you are being dropped off by a taxi or ride share, please have them use the entrance off of Beacon Street.  The street address of 245 Beacon Street works well for directions.
  • From hotel to BC: If you'd like to travel together to BC, please meet in the hotel lobby at 8:30. BC is about 3 miles away and takes about 20 minutes at that time of day.
  • From BC to dinner: We will arrange taxi/rides; Ben will collect details when you arrive at the workshop.
  • From dinner to hotel: We will arrange taxi/rides; Ben will collect details when you arrive at the workshop.


Each presenter is scheduled for 25 minutes including Q&A time. We ask that you take advantage of the small, excellent group and keep things interactive. We have a computer, A/V, and remote-- either bring a USB or you can plug in your computer if you like. Please let us know if you have any other A/V needs.


Callen Anthony (BC), Alex Bleier (BC), Burcu Bulgurcu (BC), Brian Butler (Maryland), Christian Catalini (MIT), Mary Cronin (BC), Jonathon Cummings (Duke), Rob Fichman (BC), John Gallaugher (BC), Terri Griffith (Santa Clara), Tingliang Huang (BC), Bala Iyer (Babson), Leslie John (HBS), Jerry Kane (BC), Marios Kokkodis (BC), Natalia Levina (NYU), Allen Li (BC), Paul Michelman (MIT SMR), Arun Rai (GSU), Sam Ransbotham (BC), Chris Riedl (Northeastern), Nachiketa Sahoo (BU), Linda Salisbury (BC), Jesse Shore (BU), Mohan Subramanian (BC), Mary Tripsas (BC), Dylan Walker (BU), Ryan Wright (UMass), George Wyner (BC) Peter Sterpe (BC).

Internet Access:

Instructions are available at the workshop and here (/offices/help/getstarted/network/wireless.html)


          If we can help with anything, please contact Ben Horton ( or 617-552-2331).


9:00-9:15 Coffee and Gathering  
9:15-9:30 Welcome  
  Session 1  
9:30-9:55 Arun Rai (GSU)  
10:00-10:25 Marios Kokkodis (BC)                    
10:30-10:55 Brian Butler (Maryland)  
  Session 2  
11:15-11:40 Chris Riedl (Northeastern)  
11:45-12:10 Allen Li (BC)  
12:15-12:40 Natalia Levina (NYU)  
12:45-1:30 Lunch - Paul Michelman (MIT)  
  Session 3  
1:45-2:10 Jonathon Cummings (Duke)  
2:15-2:40 Burcu Bulgurcu (BC)  
2:45-3:10 Leslie John (HBS)  
  Session 4  
3:30-3:55 Christian Catalini (MIT SMR)  
4:00-4:25 Jesse Shore (BU)  
4:30-4:55 Terri Griffith (Santa Clara)  
5:00 Wrap-Up  
6:00 Dinner (At BC Club)