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Carroll School of Management


All required finance core courses and select elective (#1-#4) must be taken in CSOM only.


1.  MFIN 1021 - Basic Finance (pre-requisite: ACCT1021)

2.  MFIN 1127 - Corporate Finance (pre-requisite: MFIN1021)

3.  MFIN 1151 - Investments (pre-requisite: MFIN1021)

4.  1 Elective from the following list* (courses listed below must be taken in CSOM)

  • MFIN2202: Derivatives & Risk Management
  • MFIN2205: Corporate Financial Strategies
  • MFIN2225: Financial Policy
  • MFIN2230: International Finance
  • MFIN2235: Investment Banking (this does not include MFIN6616)
  • MFIN2250: Fixed Income Analysis

5. At least 1 Elective from any MFIN^ course offered outside of the required courses or another from the set list above.

 * Not every course will be offered each semester. Additional courses may be added to set list in the future.  Please pay careful attention to pre-requisites which are listed in "Course Information & Schedule" in Agora. 

^ All MFIN66XX electives require senior status and permission from the Department.  This requires that seniors visit with Prof. Elliott Smith in Fulton 330B to seek approval, giving consideration to the student's successful completion of the required prerequisites.


Beginning with the class of 2019, Financial Statement Analysis ACCT3351 will no longer count as a finance elective.

Regardless of your concentration, we expect finance majors to have understanding in the following areas:        

  1. major investment, financing and governance decisions (e.g., capital structure, merger and acquisitions, dividend, board of directors, etc) of corporations;
  2. the risk and return tradeoffs in investment and know how to evaluate basic financial products (e.g., stocks, bonds and derivatives);
  3. the role of financial institutions/intermediaries (e.g., investment and commercial banks, asset management companies) in the financial system;
  4. the role of financial markets in the economy and the need for efficient regulations.
Department Contact Information

Fulton Hall Room 330