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Carroll School of Management


All required finance core courses and select elective (#1-#4) must be taken in CSOM only.


1.  MFIN 1021 - Basic Finance (pre-requisite: ACCT1021)

2.  MFIN 1127 - Corporate Finance (pre-requisite: MFIN1021)

3.  MFIN 1151 - Investments (pre-requisite: MFIN1021)

4.  1 Elective from the following list* (courses listed below must be taken in CSOM)

  • MFIN2202: Derivatives & Risk Management
  • MFIN2205: Corporate Financial Strategies
  • MFIN2225: Financial Policy
  • MFIN2230: International Finance
  • MFIN2235: Investment Banking
  • MFIN2250: Fixed Income Analysis

5. At least 1 Elective from any MFIN^ course offered outside of the required courses or another from the set list above.

 * Not every course will be offered each semester. Additional courses may be added to set list in the future.  Please pay careful attention to pre-requisites which are listed in "Course Information & Schedule" in Agora. 

^ All MFIN66XX electives require senior status and permission from the Department.


Beginning with the class of 2019, Financial Statement Analysis ACCT3351 will no longer count as a finance elective.

Regardless of your concentration, we expect finance majors to have understanding in the following areas:        

  1. major investment, financing and governance decisions (e.g., capital structure, merger and acquisitions, dividend, board of directors, etc) of corporations;
  2. the risk and return tradeoffs in investment and know how to evaluate basic financial products (e.g., stocks, bonds and derivatives);
  3. the role of financial institutions/intermediaries (e.g., investment and commercial banks, asset management companies) in the financial system;
  4. the role of financial markets in the economy and the need for efficient regulations.
Department Contact Information

Fulton Hall Room 330