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Carroll School of Management

Job Market Candidates 2016-2017

Name: Pouyan Foroughi
Area:  Corporate Governance, Financial Institutions, and Social Networks
Committee:  Ronnie Sadka (Chair), Edith Hotchkiss, Nadya Malenko, Hassan Tehranian
Job Market Paper: Hedge Fund Activists' Network and Informational Flows


Name: Harold D. Spilker III (Tray)
Area: Empirical Asset Pricing
Committee: Ronnie Sadka (Chair), Pierluigi Balduzzi, Alan Marcus, Jeff Pontiff, Jon Reuter
Job Market Paper: Hedge Fund Family Ties


Name: Vinh Q. Nguyen
Area: Corporate Finance
Committee:  Philip E. Strahan (Chair). Mary Ellen Carter, Oguzhan Karakas, Hassan Tehranian
Job Market Paper: CEOs as Jacks of All Trades.  Do Executives with Multi-Industry Experience Help Firms Compete?


Name: Qianqian Yu
Area: Corporate Finance and Corporate Innovation; Entrepreneurial Finance (Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital; IPOs); Investment and Commercial Banks; Other Financial Intermediaries
Committee: Thomas Chemmanur (Chair), Alan Marcus, Phil Strahan, Robert Taggart, Hassan Tehranian
Job Market Paper: Do Venture Capital-Driven Management Turnovers Enhance Corporate Innovation in Private Firms?


Name: Yuyuan (Anthony) Zhu
Area:  Institutional Investors, Corporate Finance, Investments, Mutual Funds
Committee: Thomas Chemmanur (Chair), Leonard Kostovetsky, Alan Marcus, Jon Reuter,   Robert Taggart
Job Market Paper: Social Connections and Information Production: Evidence from Mutual Fund Portfolios and Performance