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Scholars—and Teachers

three new faculty members go to work


Sokiente (Tari) Dagogo-Jack

assistant professor, marketing

In one stream of his research, Dagogo-Jack looks at individual performance and how feedback either encourages or discourages a person’s efforts to change and improve. The work informs his teaching. “I have a better understanding of how to provide students with critical feedback in a way that invigorates rather than demotivates them,” says Dagogo-Jack, who spent the last six years as a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. (He earned his undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard University.)

The teaching acts back on his research: “It gives me an opportunity to test some of my research ideas on a broader audience.” In other scholarly pursuits, Dagogo-Jack has examined the non-conscious effects of logos and other elements of brand identity on judgments and decisions by consumers. His findings have appeared in such publications as the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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